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  1. that can't be the reel prices ... lol reel Its too low. could easily get double that.
  2. I am sitting here in the office. wish i was on the lake. good luck. prediction- 2:33pm will be your fish of the day.
  3. Thank you for the comments all. I didn't think there was much difference in safety between the metal and glass boats but wanted your input. Thank you again.
  4. Do you feel any safer in one type of boat over another in a storm? Is one at less of a risk of being hit and/or of having less severe consquences once it is hit?
  5. Thanks for the info Wayne. I am trying to make my mind up as to where to look for a slip and if i should "slip" a boat. The responses are surely going to help. Do any of you guys sleep on your boats? While it is anchored? At the dock?
  6. Thanks so much for the information guys. I have a couple more questions if you don't mind. Is there decent trolling oportunties at the north end if i am mainly after trout/salmon? I have always thought the best trolling was down in the southern third of the lake. Do your boats stay right in the water, docked up all summer? You don't worry about the waves smashing the boat against the dock? Is it protected from the waves?
  7. Is anyone willing to give me some information about slips on Cayuga Lake? I am looking at getting a 20 to 24 foot boat and leaving it at the lake. I have no idea what a slip costs or if it is even a good idea to leave the boat in the water all the time. Any advice would be most welcome as I am hoping to avoid rookie mistakes. Up to now i have been going with just a small 14' boat but I want to get a big one with downriggers and planner mast so I can go after the deep trout. I have heard some people just leave their boat on the trailer and leave the whole rig on rented land. That won't work for me as I do not intend to get a large truck to pull the boat in and out. Any advice? And what are approx costs? Thank you in advance.
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