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  1. I run a smaller rig too (18-footer) and I just bought my first downriggers as we want to try our hand with the big ones on Ontario. Can't wait. Thanks for all the great postings.
  2. We run a braid program very similar to yours Gill-T, with very similar results is sounds like. The only exception is that we use 30 lb Power Pro (dark green). What I like about this is that I can run either a dipsy or a slide diver on it, and for both salmon/trout on the Big O, and when I need to get deeper for the walleye on Erie in mid to late summer. I'm brand new to downrigger fishing though, so I won't comment on using braid on the riggers. I definitely change leader lengths and weights depending on whether its a dipsy or slide diver, and whether we are chasing Kings/Steelies or 'eyes. For spring Kings/Steelies we run 20 lb leaders, in the fall we bump it up to 25 lb. For the eyes you can go as light as you think you need to. I typically run about a 12-15 lb flouro leader though.
  3. Awesome job fellas - great feeling isn't it? My 10-yr old son and I had a day similar to that last summer on Erie. 11 fish to the boat between 5 and 9 pounds. One of my best days of fishing ever, and I didn't reel a single one in. Gotta love Quinte late in the year though huh? Wow!
  4. Mark - this time of year is usually a pretty decent coldwater fishery. Try some smaller casting spoons like the 1/3 oz. little cleos or Swedish Pimples and maybe some inline spinners like Panther Martins, rooster tails, etc. for steelhead and/or browns. From shore, you can fish either from the fishing platform near the power plant or from the pier. From a boat, find a good spot where the warm water is mixing with the colder harbor water, or perhaps where the gulls are feeding on minnows and cast around there. Good luck.
  5. Legacy, you mention you've seen sink rates of 20-22' per 100' of copper. Obviously, that rate would vary depending on boat speed, currents, wave action, etc. Generally speaking, under what conditions would you typically see that sink rate?
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