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  1. Sounds great, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I’m interested in 10 rigs with double single hooks. Let me know if available and price. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Would like to try for a laker or two. What is the best way to access fishing spots in front of Keuka College? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thanks for the advice. I was hoping to hear it's worthwhile fishing all day. That's what I would rather do with my limited available fishing time.
  5. Looking to get some opinions regarding mid-day trolling for salmon and trout in lake Ontario. Would like to trailer boat to the lake and make a nice day of fishing once water temps set back up and we have a calm day. I know the best action is usually had early am and during evening hours, but is it generally worthwhile staying out mid-day or better off heading in for lunch and a break? Like the thoughts of an all day trip, but don't want to burn gas with poor odds of catching fish if that's the norm. Thanks! Keith
  6. Thanks for the launch info. Is it typically best to head west out of Sodus Bay to locate kings? If so, would it be worthwhile to launch out of Hughes Marina instead of the Bay? Thanks for all advice! Good luck to anyone fishing this weekend. Keith
  7. Thinking about trailering boat to fish Sodus Point area sometime over next few weeks, once weather settles and lake sets back up. Is there a launch in Sodus Point where I can put my boat in early, around 5:00 am, or should I go to Port Bay and put in at DEC launch? For Port Bay, according to DEC website there are two seperate launches. Any recommendations as to which one to use? Thanks! Keith
  8. Thanks for the replies. Fished 5 hrs Saturday straight out from port and little both east and west staying mainly in 160 to 250 FOW. Ended up landing 4 kings and 1 brown; lost decent king due to snap failure. Larger kings were 20 lb. 4 oz. and 19 lb. 10 oz. Great time overall. Wife got to battle her first king and can't wait to go back out. Mostly f/f bite with 2 off spoons.
  9. Thanks for the advice Tim. You bring up a good point about setting up shallower and slowly working way out deeper. Anyone have any advice as to which direction to head out of Olcott harbor; NW, N or NE? Thanks in advance.
  10. Planning on visiting family this weekend in Newfane and going to bring boat along this time. Not fishing any derbies but would like to take wife and kids out and show them a great time fishing. They are use to fingerlake fishing and have never experienced Lake O fishing. Hoping to get into a few kings and steelies. Wondering if anyone will be kind enough to share any tips as to direction out of port (either Olcott or Wilson), good depth range and lures. Thinking maybe starting around 150 depth of water and trolling out deeper until I locate some hooks? Probably run spoons and flasher/flies off riggers and wire dipsys targeting 60 to 120 feet down over 150 to 350 depth. Have mostly NK 28 spoons and few NK mag spoons. Also have many Michigan Stinger spoons in stinger size and few in stingray size. Thinking the NK 28s and stinger size spoons may be too small and should run NK mags and Stingray spoons? Am I on the right track? I know the derby is on, so many will be reluctant to help a fellow fisherman and family out, but I greatly appreciate any advice (by thread reply or PMs) that I may receive! Thanks!
  11. Great fish! Must have felt great on jigging tackle. Nice to see some larger lakers coming out of Keuka this season. Hopefully the limit will be increased to 5 this fall to help thin population out.
  12. Fished Keuka solo this morning from 5:30 to 11:00 am. Morning started slow while figuring out program, but once honed in action was non-stop having hard time keeping 3 rods in water. Started in 140 foot of water with 2 rods off riggers down near bottom and 1 dipsy with 90 to 150 feet of wire out. First fish was 8 lb. slob down deep. Stayed in 140 to 165 FOW near bluff and up into Branchport arm. Shallow bite not taking off but deep bite was steady. Not much action on Michigan Stingers today, seemed to prefer NK 28s. Silver spoos with green and/or white were the ticket. Ended up landing 29 or 30 fish in total with most being 1 to 1.5 lbs. Several in the 2 to 3 lb. range and one fat 8 pounder. Had a great time on the water.
  13. Was recently in the Elmira area and made a stop into Hills, valleys and streams. The shop was far beyond my expectations for assortment and quality of fishing tackle, especially for trolling. Picked up some Twili tips, Chamberlain releases and spoons. Only problem with the stop was lack of time to drool over extensive inventory. However, it was probably for the best, at least for my wallet. I can't wait to go back. Service was great. Awesome tackle shop, keep up the great inventory and service. Thanks!!!!!
  14. Thinking about picking up some larger reels for rigger rods and possibly for leadcore. Thinking about maybe Penn 309M reels. Does anybody have experience fishing these? Specs say capacity is 350 yards of 30# mono, which I believe is as much or more than the Okuma Magda 45dx (330 yards of 30# mono) many folks appear to be running for leadcore. Should be plenty of capacity for riggers during flea season if spooling 30# and thinking they may also work for running up to 10 color leadcore with ample backing. Only downside I see is gear ratio is 2.8 : 1 whereas Okumas are 4.0 : 1. Is 2.8 : 1 ratio sufficient or should I focus on faster reels? Like the looks and durability of the Penn reels. Thanks!
  15. Fished Saturday morning 6:00 to 9:30 am. Started in Hammondsport, slow going but took few small lakers on Stinger spoons 50 foot deep over 120 depth. Pulled gear at 7:30 am and ran to Branchport by state park and trolled south starting on west side then zig zagging between sides. Marked most fish out in deeper water 140 to 170 with most marks being below 120 depth. Caught few more lakers then had a long dry spell with no hits. Pulled gear at 9:30 to head in and pulled in 3 small lakers which we were dragging for who knows how long on deep riggers down 120 to 150 feet. Guess I should upgrade to Chamberlain releases from pinch pads. Ended up going 7 for 7 but no size today. Only 1 came on flasher/fly, rest spoons. Very slow morning and had to really work for the bites we had.
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