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  1. For sale: 50 assorted used stickbaits. $115 shipped in the US. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks guys for your response, but I haven't tied a fly in over 6 years. It's true there is a lot of stuff for the price but rather move it fast, it's like pulling a band-aid. Another reason is my family rather eat fish with white meat (perch, walleye, panfish). So it's easier to convince the ball and chain on letting me go fishing all day for dinner than go for a trout, which i'd rather release. If anyone else is interested, sales is pending for this weekend, but they only have the highest offer not asking. I really have my eye on a treestand and was hoping to make it a wash.
  3. For Sale: All my fly tying stuff that i have collect over many years. After starting a family and having children I have found no time. See pictures, can meet up near Syracuse, Altmar, or Oswego. Asking $300 or best offer.
  4. Lot 1: 8 attractors, $50.00 pick up or deliver near Syracuse, Pulaski, or Oswego Please PM me Lot 2: 8 attractors, $50.00 pick up or deliver near Syracuse, Pulaski, or Oswego Please PM me Thanks for looking
  5. For sale: 2 Fish Hawk 800 speed and temp display units, 1 probe, 1 transducer and 1 power cord. Asking $200. Pictures have one unit hooked up to a battery and in working condition. Displays surface temp, surface speed, downrigger temp, and downrigger speed. Pick up or deliver near Syracuse or Pulaski. Please PM me.
  6. lot 1: 20 assorted spoons (stingers, mooselook, etc.) $30.00 SOLD lot 2: 20 assorted spoons (nk's, savants, fishlander, etc.) $30.00 lot 3: 15 assorted spoons (nk's, etc.) $25.00 SOLD lot 4: 15 assorted spoons (nk's, giant evil eye, pro kings) $25.00 SOLD lot 5: 15 assorted spoons (nk's, arrow heads) $30.00 SOLD lot 6: laker assortment (30+ squids, 20+ peanuts, 8 metal dodgers) $50.00 pick up near syracuse, oswego, or pulaski. pm me please thanks for looking
  7. Still for sale Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. TTT, Potential buyer stopped communicating, still for sale.
  9. For Sale: 4 used Cannon mag 10 electric w/ 3 new low profile swivel bases. Asking $700 or best offer. For more detail please PM me.
  10. For Sale: Wille Baitfile tackle box, 3 page with good springs. $25.00 plus shipping or pick up near Pulaski or Syracuse. PM me please.
  11. For sale: 24 assorted lures. $50.00 plus shipping or pick up near Pulaski or Syracuse. PM me.
  12. For sale I have over 80 new/used, steelhead plugs to sell as a lot. Mostly Hot shots, but a few Hot n Tots, wiggle warts, kwik fish, and some unknown in 2 boxes. Some are in "out of package" conditions but most needs new or a good hooks sharpening before fishing with them. As is, delivery near or around Syracuse or Oswego County, plus freight if outside. $120.00, PM me.
  13. For Sale: Used aluminum drift boat with brand new oars on homemade trailer. $2k
  14. located in Central Square, NY 13036. Can bring it to Wilson, NY for opening weekend of the LOC.
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