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  1. Who says we don't have spring kings in Mexico Bay? Let's try to keep this hush, hush (there's a derby coming up real soon). I can see the headlines now - "Mexico Bay Produces Winning King" Wouldn't that be something!
  2. I have a bunk trailer and have found it sometimes impossible to crank the boat those last few inches. I installed guide-ons and back the trailer in the water a little further, hook-up/crank, then pull out of the water slowly and the guide-ons center the boat perfectly on the bunks. Never really liked the power loading method. In the cold weather I use hip boots instead of having to walk the plank.
  3. Thanks. I'll start my search there.
  4. Does anyone know if Clearwater flutter spoons are still in production. (I believe they were made in Rochester, NY?) Last year my uncle gave me some tackle we used back in the 80's and some Clearwaters were included. Had some good luck using them for browns and am looking to add a few more to my arsenal. Does anyone have any they want to sell or have any info where I might locate them? Thanks in advance for any info you may offer.
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