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  1. First and foremost. Wish all the best to all the LOU members and hope all are safe and healthy. I live in northern PA and have fished Cayuga my entire life. With all that is happening is there any bait available for sale around the south end of Cayuga. I am looking for large minnows. I would assume bait and tackle shops are not deemed essential but didn't know if there are any hardware stores or other such places that may have what I need. Thanks for your time and input, be safe and good luck !
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  3. Didn't know of any helicopter companies or programs in Big Flats. Sikorsky closed several years ago and sometimes tested Seahawks being built for the Turkish navy but that ended quite awhile ago.
  4. Helicopters in question are more than likely MH 60R LAMPS helicopters from Lockheed Martin in Owego. Destined to serve us in our Navy in anti submarine detection and other ship based roles.
  5. Tonneau cover fits 2008 -2013 Chevy Silverado 6.6 ft box. Paintable ( currently silver), lockable, fully hinged with hydraulic assist arms , fully carpeted underside. Like new condition. $400 / reasonable offer.
  6. Just have a question for any one who cares to respond on tipping while on a charter. What is the correct etiquette for tipping the mate? Also is it normal to tip the Captain? I really appreciate any advice anyone could give me on this subject
  7. Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate the information and your time. Good fishin to all !
  8. Anyone have any info on AES Cayuga ( Milliken Station) ? Is it online again or running on any kind of consistent schedule anymore? I was up at Taughannock this past Sat and saw smoke from the stack.
  9. The old neoprene chest wader are always a good standby and not too expensive. I use 5 mm neoprenes with sweatpants under, wool socks and of course PFD under an over sized waterproof jacket. I fish Cayuga from Jan thru April / May in a float tube and stay warm for hours. Fish the Big O this way also in the spring. I always keep one old pair of neoprenes even if they leak to wear under outer wear when fishing ( ice or shore) in cold weather. Happy Holidays to all, be safe and hope all your arms are sore from catching too many fish. Is that possible to catch too many fish?
  10. PENN 345GTi reel / Okuma Classic GLT rod with twilley tip. Reel loaded by Atomik with 600 ft 45# copper, marked every 100ft, 300 yds Power Pro 50# backing and fluorocarbon leader. Two piece 9'6" rod.Practically brand new only in the water 3 times. Cabela's DEPTHMASTER Trolling Series rod/reel combo. 8'6" rod with twilley tip. Reel loaded with 1000' AFW camo stainless wire with 50# Power Pro backing. Set up for Dipseys. Brand new, only in the water 1 time. Asking $250 for the pair. Call Toney at 607-427-9327, please leave message if no answer. Arrange for pickup or buyer pay shipping SOLD/CLOSED
  11. I assume you visited the T-Falls launch sometime mid week. I was there Thursday morning and all work was complete. Equipment was all moved out and channel was dredged out with no hump in the middle. It is still a little shallow due to the low lake level but very useable. Was up yesterday, Tuesday, March 13 and the lake level is up from last Thursday. Have been catching a few fish from shore on jigs and minnows and it seems almost every one I have caught or seen caught have one or more lampreys plus multiple scars. they are really getting bad again.
  12. I'm certain overfishing does not help the smelt situation, but if I'm not mistaken zebra mussels and quaga mussels have decimated the microscopic plankton food base and has caused great damage to the entire food chain. These animal and plant micro organisms are eaten by bait species and young fry. No food base, no smelt. Notice how clear many of the finger lakes are now?
  13. Yeah the lakers really decimate the native trout populations. The big impact on Yellowstone of course is on the native cutthroats in Yellowstone Lake. Those big lakers can eat a pile of cutthroats. The National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service electroshock trhem and gill net them the entire season the lake has open water. They have been really targeting them in the fall by trying to find staging and spawning areas. In the case of Flathead Lake it is governed under tribal laws since it is on the reservation. They have a very good fish and game management program.
  14. To all the LOUers out there Happy Thanksgiving! Just a note of interest. Got back in from Montana last night, nice visit back on the western home front. Seems they have developed an acute dislike for Lakers out west. Many have been illegally introduced (Yellowstone Lake), but they are trying to get rid of them in Flathead Lake also where they were originally legally stocked. (Seneca Lake was the source I believe) There is no limit on Yellowstone Lake and you are required by law to keep and kill every Laker you catch. On Flathead Lake the limit is 100 per day. They just finished a 3 day per weekend, 7 weekend tournament. I think the winner twice limited out and totaled 1600+ for the whole 7 weekend span. Many of the anglers placing were 1000+. Sounds like they could use some help from the Finger Lakes finest. Head West young fisherman and fisherwomen!
  15. Thanks alot for the responses. I'll definitely try that. I appreciate you guys taking the time and your help. Good fishin.
  16. Question on trolling copper. Everyone says oh,no not another one! New to trolling copper. Have been trying it out recently in Cayuga. Seem to get alot of kinking near the end of the copper about 5 to 10 ft from the Spro swivel. I have been pulling only spoons. Any suggestions or corrections? Thank you for your time and sharing your input.
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