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  1. July 18 where do we send the donation? my buddy and i would like to join.
  2. we had a great weekend with 38 fish boated and a few more lost. we fished the south end by painted rock all weekend. we took one of my buddies who had never been in the derby before and he landed the 11lb brown on a NK mtndew crush back #28 We put two more browns in the boat over 7lbs including the fourth place brown!I think he is hooked on trolling now!! The rest of the fish were small LL. We had a good fish on at Hector Falls but lost it. We wanted to go to cand. but his wedding is on that saturday. we would like to go to cayuga for the LOU-all where do we sign up?It was nice talkin to Finalflight at the launch, nice to meet someone off the site. congrats to all the winners and hope everyone had fun. see you next year.
  3. time and good memories ease the pain.Our prayers are with you
  4. thanks guys. I wil try it out.
  5. Thanks for the info. Where is the best place to launch?What are the best rigs to run.
  6. hello guys just joinin in on the fun hope to learn a lot. I have been previewing the site for a while and decided to join. looks like a lot of good info. I am fairly new at the trolling game and any tips will help. I mainly fish Seneca but also go to Cayuga some times. I have a 16 ft Sylvan Pro Fisherman so I am not to sure about LO. what is your opinion. Glad to be a member now and hope to make new friends good fishin
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