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  1. I know this is late-but you stiffed me when I won your derby and never have answered my calls or E mails.Marlowe
  2. New in the box -Cannon Tournament Speed and Temp. Includes Unit, Transducer,and coated cable.Has owner's manual. Original retail was around $499.00 $199.00 plus shipping.
  3. Have a Depth Raider Speed and Temp unit for sale. In Mint condition, including new 150' of coated cable. This unit was used for four months last year. All parts included. First reasonable offer gets a great unit. Marlowe
  4. Used the older Fishhawk and suffered the typical scattered readings-used the DepthRaider last year and loved it except for the coated cable deal-got the new X-4 and love it even more-have a used DepthRaider for sale in perfect condition.Marlowe
  5. Stingray Freakin' Veggie by far
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