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  1. Rick come to olcott and park mine in the little hole next to vince. Crazy manuvers in that slip Nick saved me once last year......
  2. Has anyone used the new fish hawk x4 with depth on the screen. Thanks Dan
  3. Team Buckets/Limitmen is in need of an observer please contact me if you are interested. My number is 724 321 6729 Thanks in advance We got an observer thanks everyone that called. Dan
  4. Hello i understand that the boat is at happy days in port clinton ohio now just curious before i make the trip out how much blast comes out at trolling speeds and will the boat slow down to say 2.0 gps speed thanks Dan
  5. if you send some to keith esbaugh at www.dutchforkcustomlures.com he can paint them for you
  6. if you put some glow tape on the back of the spoon it seems to work better than on the front
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