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  1. ugh, where were you a month ago.... good luck with the sale, i don't think its going to take too long.
  2. wish i could buy them online, i'd buy up quite a few. really like the dw's over here.
  3. i didn't get an email from ya... at least not that i can tell. maybe an email snafu?
  4. it happens.... Thanks for your help in looking though! Very much appreciated! and the hunt continues.... LOL.
  5. lakebound, is that the one you were referring to? I know you mentioned having a saltwater merc, and that one has twin 'rudes and is a 2200 (predecessor to the 2270, along with the 2150). just wondering if there is another boat out there (more interested in single engine models, as I can at least repower it for a bit cheaper if need be. thanks guys, steve
  6. if theres any way can you get contact info for it? merc hanging off the back? musta blew up the yammy.
  7. do you have any pictures of the rocket launcher installed?
  8. yeah... going to be hard to find one, but after a lot of soul searching and looking around, and almost buying a baron magnum (seller flaked out, strange guy but nice boat) I think I've decided that the 2270 is the perfect combination for fishing with my family.
  9. If anybody knows of a freshwater used 2270 walkaround in good shape for sale, please let me know. Thanks folks! steve
  10. if i lived close to ya, i would have picked it up already. good deal on a pretty darn nice smoker!
  11. is there a trailer that comes along with this boat?
  12. even normal SG47LC's won't fill your needs then.... only the newer model, SG47LCA. LC's dont' have a metal spool, whereas the LCA's do. that being said, i don't think you'd have a problem with the graphite spools.
  13. Looking for a number of sealine 47 sh reels for downrigger setups. Just getting outfitted so I'm slowly building up the arsenal. Let me know if you upgraded/updated/or just have some kicking around that you don't mind getting rid of. Thanks, Steve
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