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  1. Thanks, and thanks again RJ for putting in the pics.

    Those are some nice fish! i was also fishing that day out of oswego, but our luck wasn't as good ... i was just wondering what size dipsy you are using?

    That stiff south wind made the fishing pretty difficult... did you happen to mark any bait out there?

    We use the big dispies but not the super big ones.

    I thought I saw some stuff down about 40ft when we first set up, but really didn't mark nearly as much bait as we've been able to see in the recent past.

    However, I'd rather see the big fish on the lines than pods of bait on the screen. :)

  2. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:Lilboat Aboard Cruz Con-Troll




    Date(s): 8/14

    Time on Water: 6 till noon

    Weather/Temp: nice but windy

    Wind Speed/Direction: S then SSW blowing

    Waves: 2's then3-4 with some bigger rouges

    Surface Temp: 75

    Location: Off Oswego

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 5

    Total Boated: 3

    Species Breakdown: All kings

    Hot Lure: green paddles on green flies

    Trolling Speed: 2-3

    Down Speed: 2-3

    Boat Depth: 200-400

    Lure Depth: 70-85




    Went fishing with RJ and Bill at Oswego as the kings were playing well there the day before. See RJ's Oswego 8/13 report.

    Started in ~120 FOW and worked out with the waves. Temp had come up and break appeared about 70' down.

    First to go was a rip on the E-chip dipsy out 250 in ~300FOW. Bill landed a nice female king ~26lb.

    Turned back and nothing doing going into the waves.

    Went back with the waves and take a hit on the rigger in about 360FOW down 80. RJ was up but he hands the rod to me and the screamer fought well all the way to the back of the boat. Another nice King about the same sze but male hits the deck.

    Continued with the waves out to over 400FOW and it was blowing pretty good,

    Turned back into the waves and nothing until we get back into the 200's then the rigger goes with another screamer hooked to a green spinny Atomice fly. About 20 seconds later the other rigger goes and Bill gets to it DOUBLE SCREAMERS We're bouncing pretty good. Didn't get the 2nd fish of the double but, after an epic battle in ~4 footers ... we manage to bop RJ's nice King about the same size as the first two landed.

    Had 1 other hit ealrier on a J-plug run on the rigger but nobody home.

    Kept waiting for the copper to go but I guess you can't have everything.

    Wind kicked up even more and we headed in with all aboard happy and appreciative of the 3 nice Kings. Thanks again RJ.

    PICS hopefully to follow.

  3. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Lilboat / aboard: Doc-Tor-Wiz with Jack and RJ





    Time on Water: ~6 to 1

    Weather/Temp: Sunny with the longest cloud I ever saw. Almost a waterspout coming out of it.

    Temp=Cool then Nice

    Wind Speed/Direction: south 10 then more west and blowing.

    Waves: 1-3 then a little bigger

    Surface Temp: 75

    Location: Off Oak Orchard 400 to almost 600'

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 20+

    Total Boated: 15

    Species Breakdown: Kings 12 and Steelies 3

    Hot Lure: Blue Spinny with Homemade blue fly with almost everything taking hits at sometime or other.

    (Best spoons C-14, Gator, NBK, 42nd)

    Trolling Speed: 2.2-2.5

    Down Speed: ?

    Boat Depth: 400-600

    Lure Depth: 45-100



    Made a trip to the Oak to see what we could find out deep.

    Set up in ~400ft and made a troll north.

    First to go was the rigger Carbon 14 down about 80. small king, then bigger King on 42nd spoon. A good bite continued as we had 2 or 3 doubles with almost a triple.

    Although RJ's side of the boat was going off routinely, the bite slowed when we got under the long cloud that was trying to put down a water spout that we heard about on the radio.

    Once the cloud burnt off/moved and the sun shown again the fishing picked back up. :question:

    After the slow period we had a major hit on the dipsy. A 27lber hit Jack's Blue spinny with his home made fly. We landed my best salmon of the year after about 3 long runs and a some nice splashing around quite a ways back. :)

    Good choice Jack. That set up took several more hits.

    I got to pay Jack back a little when he landed a nice steelie to end the day as the waves were picking up on one of my blue spoons on the 400 copper.

    All in all a great trip to the Oak with good friends.

    Thanks again Jack.

    PICS Hopefully to follow.

  4. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Lilboat / aboard: Cruz Con-troll





    Time on Water: ~5:30 to noon

    Weather/Temp: Cloudy with a couple raindrops and rainbow early then sunny /Temp=Nice

    Wind Speed/Direction: East then more from the south

    Waves: 2 footers then flat

    Surface Temp: 74

    Location: Out front a little west then a little to the east of the chute

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 15

    Total Boated: 11

    Species Breakdown: Browns 8 and kings 3

    Hot Lure: All Spoons NBK, Gobie, Gator

    Trolling Speed: 1.9 to 2.5

    Down Speed: 2-2.2

    Boat Depth: 80-130

    Lure Depth: 45-80



    Started out in the pre dawn with RJ and Dave under cloudy skies and set up in ~80FOW on a NW troll. It didn't take long for the sliders and dipsies to go right off the bat. Landed our first 8 hits before dropping any. (6 Browns to ~7lb on 300 copper / a couple small kings too) Marked tons of bait and many hooks and after the screen went clean for a while we made the turn back to the east and set up the temp probe. The observed temp profile explained the hot slider bite as break was not down far (45-60ft depending on speed/current). Went east and had the first miss (by me on the copper).

    The bite continued and then slowed somewaht as the clouds burnt off. Biggest fish and strangest hit came on the 300 copper. I had sharpened the hooks on the spoon after the earlier miss on the copper and was going to change it up again as it had been quiet for a while. Usually we'll leave it in the holder and just crank it in, as its a bit easier to get it in, especially for RJ's 400 copper.

    However this time I take it out of the holder to wind it back and I say to RJ I want to get a feel of my new set up. (I bought a slightly used 700 tekota this year and RJ had given me his 300 copper line which he replaced with 400 for his 800 Tekota.} Anyway, after I get about 10 - 20 or so cranks going the thing stops and its .....FISH ON!!

    Glad I sharpened the hooks as we land the piggy 11lb nice brown (personal best) after a pretty good tugging match. I love it when that happens :)

    I've had a recent mild case of drops on the copper and tried to do some reading up on best way to get them in. Some say not too much pumping, Most have come unbuttoned slightly prior to where the copper comes out of the water.

    Nice day at Fair Haven fishing with the Cap'n Cruz and crew.


    PICS hopefully to follow.

  5. Ray,

    Actually went out at the end of one summer after I had saved my cash and bought a brand spank'n new 1986 14" Sea Nympth aluminum boat with a 15 HP Evinrude and stuck 2 hand crank riggers, a bottom line graph, some down easter and also some PVC rod holders and some running lights. I was in business and fished my first derby event ever that next spring

    From then till now my passion evolved to a near un-controllable state....


    I guess my 70's 14ft Strarcraft with the 15hp Merc 4 stroke isn't looking so bad as a starting point for trolling to sample the bio-system. New rig is Hobie Revo Yak I'm trying to get set up when the matures come in to play. It is somewhat of an unconTROLLable state.

    Good luck Tom.

  6. When I think of fishing recently it has come upon me, fishing is actually only sampling of/from the bio-system.

    Sometimes its harder to get a decent sample than others and tactics/techniques location/depth can change to afford a sample of what's out there for offering.

    We all should respect the samples we take as best possible.

  7. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water:5:30-midday


    Wind Speed/Direction:light

    Waves: 1ft

    Surface Temp: 62


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 6

    Total Boated:3

    Species Breakdown:2 lil kings 1 nice brownie

    Hot Lure: lil orange

    Trolling Speed: 2-3

    Down Speed: 2-3

    Boat Depth: 80-220

    Lure Depth: 25-110




    Had the day off and went with Cruzcontroll and Dave to Fair Haven to see what we could find.

    Marked nice pods a bait and some marks up high.

    First fish in the boat was a dandy brown male off the rigger

    caught in 200 FOW


    When it hit we thought at first it might be a laker, but after getting the copper and the leadcore out of its way saw it to be a brown when it was cruising around behind the boat.

    Weighed at 13 3/4 lb.

    Also managed a couple small kings also on the riggers all before 10:45.

    Nice boat ride after that. First time for speed and temp probe and the gizmo seemed to read right and should be another useful fishing tool, as long as I pay attention to the driving instead of all the data on the gizmos.

    Going to try again tomorrow.

  8. LB88,

    Yeah we met at the dock.

    We are blessed with the diversity and abundance of the fisheries nearby.

    So far this year been to Seneca, Skaneateles, Cayuga and Cross Lake on the finger lakes system,

    and Fair Haven and Oswego at the eastern basis, Wilson and Lewiston out the west on the big O.

    I can see why the fishing is so good at the bar with all of the bait (too much of a good thing) and structure to be had.

    Good luck,

    Don't lose it.

  9. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:lilboat




    Date(s):Memorial day

    Time on Water:5-11


    Wind Speed/Direction:None then NE to 15 mph or so

    Waves: None then 2-3 rollers

    Surface Temp: 67

    Location: Niagara bar

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: ~15-20

    Total Boated:10

    Species Breakdown: Kings, Cohos and Steelies OH MY

    Hot Lure: Spinnies with flies and smaller spoons

    Trolling Speed: 2.2-2.7

    Down Speed: ?

    Boat Depth: 60-150

    Lure Depth: 30-80



    Went to the bar in the dark and had first fish in the boat by 5:10. 5lb king

    Marked tons of bait and big hooks along the drop off and worked the 70-110 drop-off for the rest of the morning using a ~3 ft diameter 5ft log as one of the way points. :)

    Boated 2 nice kings (biggest being 22lb off a wire dipsy)

    Along with several other smaller ones.

    Also had some fun with jumping steelies and cohos hitting the riggers/sliders and the 4 and 5 color cores

    Rollers started and so did the steelies

    Great day to do some fishing with friends.




  10. Had the lilboat out first time in about a month fishin with nephew Dave

    Started 2nd pull.

    Fished N. end from 6:30 to almost 1 when I decided to stop dealing with the south wind.

    Went 6 for 7 with 3 atlantics, 16-21" and 3 Lakers, One being a reel nice fish.

    Biggest fish 12lb laker and biggest atlantic hit the 9 of 10 color lead core Monkey puke. Others were all on dipsy spoons.

    Lost a spoon first thing. I was checking leaders, as we went to Wilson last weekend and wanted to downsize. Snapped on the spoon and tossed it behind the lilboat. I figured the leader must be attached to the rod and out it went never to be seen again. Nice leader not attached to a rod......:(

    Dave's nice laker


  11. There's a smorgasbord of fish and it can be like a box of chocholate, you never know what you're gonna get.

    As with all fishing a lot depends on where you go and what you use.

    It's a very interesting fisherie and place.

    Good luck, have fun and

    Don't Lose it.

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