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  1. Great fish !!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. How did you guys do yesterday ?? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. How do you post a pic from I phone ... Also have a few vides to post ??
  4. Otisco August 24 & 25 Had 6 tigers on in two days of fishing .. Spectacular jumps ..1 jumped 3 times , anothe twice then power dives ... Also landed a channel cat , perch , very slim 22 inch walleye and several bass ..going to try and post a pic of the tiger that jumped 3 times ... Enlarge it to see how pissed she was ....
  5. Great fish but me thinks this is NOT a tiger but great lakes strain....the "bars " are actually composed of dots that give the impression of bars....What say you ???
  6. Fished South end of Seneca last week. Slip bobbers and shiners...got 6 pike....largest 36 inches and 12 lbs. ..4 of the 6 were over 30 inches...lost another at the boat..hope to go again soon..all were nice , healthy fish....good fishing but makes me yearn for the golden days in the 70 s and 80 s when Seneca was THE BEST PIKE FISHERY EVER ....
  7. Fished Conesus 22 Sept. 2012. Used slip bobbers and also cast a variety of lures. Got 1 26 " Northern on live bait in the bay just north of MacPherson point. Got 1 nice tiger who was about 36 " at the north end in 16 fow and again on the slip bobber.It wasw mostly cloudy with winds form the north. My fishing buddy caught 7 bass casting. We did not get any Esox hookups or follows castin. The afore mentioned tiger thew the hook aqt the boat but it was a decent hybrid. We DID NOT see any more surfing tigers or northerns. We are going to Champlain 8-10 October for pike . Shoild be a good time. I have seen some great pics of " hybrids " cross between northern pike and chain pickeral...the are bright green with the lima bean spots along with yellow vertical bars .. Very cool looking fish. Has anyone caught these ?? What are these fish called ?? Would love to land 1 5lbs. or over.
  8. This was too cool to see ! I have fished Conesus since the 1970' s and Otisco for the last 12 years and HAD NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. Thanks for the replies. I like the air bladder theory but we were just north of MacPherson point in about 15 fow so doesn't seem like they were very deep that they needed to " decompress. " From now on I bringing my video cam I am a pike/Muskie nut and again it was too cool to see this ... Going back to Conesus sometime between the 17- 25 I'll post again after next trip [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Fished Conesus 4 th September . Got 1 26 Inch northern and 8 largemouth , all on whacky worms ... See my post about tigers under Muskie , Pike , Walleye section . [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. Fished Conesus 4th. Hot , mostly cloudless day with no wind. Cast and live baited. Boated 1 26 inch northern. The highlight of the trip was seeing 3 TIGER MUSKIE SWIMMING AROUND OUR BOAT EITH THEIR HEADS AND GILLS PUT OF THE WATER !!!! I read other posts about this anomolous behavior and it was remarkable to witness. 1 of the tigers circled out boat for 30 seconds and then, like the other 2 just slowly swam deeper out of site !!! Sooo cool and sooo wired at the same time !!! What are they doing ????? Pikerperry !!!! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. Any tips on Seneca Lake Pike? Any input would be appreciated.......
  12. Any one fishing for Seneca Lake pike? I heard the pike fishing this year is down. Last few tears had good catches off Highbanks, Sampson and Bellhurst. Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I mounted it to go along with my Chatauqua Muskie and Conesus Pike. My life is now complete and I can die looking at my 'Holy Trinity of the Esox alpha predators. In 40 years of fishing these 3 are the only fish that have been "Board Certified " Do you fish Waneta/ Sounds like a great little lake to practice CPR on a great fall day. Pikerperry
  14. Any one fishing Otisco or Cross? This is my personal best 40 inch, 20 lb. norlunge from last August at Otisco..slip bobber and golden shiner, 16 fow at "the Narrows". I'm going again next week; also thinking of Cross Lake. Is the marina open for launching? Anyone fishing Waneta? Overall, how is the muskie fishing there? Never been there but willing to give it a shot. Thanks for any replies. Pikerperry
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