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  1. bigsur532

    Launch at Braddocks Bay

    Sandy is a Joke, between all the traffic on weekends, long walk, and people fishing off the Dock & complaing your in their way, makes for a less than stellar experience. Im all for people wanting to fish and have a good time, but I dont think they should be allowed on the docks there. There is plenty of bank fishing spots on the creek.
  2. Has anyone mounted an Lss-2 ducer on a ranger, without a jackplate? Having trouble deciding where to mount it, so the outboard does not effect the side scan. Best places? Anyone have pics of where they did it? Also have a question regarding using the Lowrance Touch9 as the "structure Scan" box for my HDS5, I need to utilize this through Ethernet? or the N2K? Lowrance literature is crap for getting clear info. Any help is appreciated.