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  1. i can agree with don't waste a fish by leaving it on the ice with no intent to eat or return it to the water, just a waste of resources
  2. That's suppose to be good luck not lick on the previous post [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. I just talked to someone who had food lick with the eyes on Friday at north shore over 30' of water suspended about 20' down. He said that stopped biting by 8:30 that morning. I was thinking about heading out we'd morning if it stays cold. He did say to watch out for the crack. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. My uncles daughter and husband are going this weekend looking for one they live in the Rochester area, other than the national chains where else out that way should they look for one. They don't do much outdoors and there fore don't know their way around the sport shops out tha way. oh and regardless of what they get it will be in use on the pond soooooo if someone wants to see it in action just let me know where to have my uncle and me meet you. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. he just uses a sled to get out onto the ice, i checked out a couple of them at the ice show too. either way i will let his kids know they're the ones looking to get him one for christmas, so they're trying to get my advice, and truefully if i like it i'll have to get one myself.
  6. has anyone used any of these battery powered augers, i have an uncle who wants one cause he can't use a manual one and the gas ones are to hard for him to operate and drag around. i have also looked at the adapters that you can attach to a regular auger with a cordless drill, has anyone tried out this combo? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    Any idea what they charge? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. I found that my lorance unit with built I'm gps with that I use on my boat works ggod for ice fishing to. I just bought a extra transducer and a battery like those on the flashers. Not only does it spot the fish with no problem but with the gps I can mark the "hot" spots to come back on another day. Plus I only had to learn how to run 1 machine. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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    I heard they are fishing on lake view anyone know for sure? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. I wish I knew you were in trouble, we launched just as you were leaving the dock, glad to hear you made it back ok, also heard the coast guard on the radio and saw you towed back. better luck next time.
  11. i watched a few guys trying to drag thier shelters off of the ice this weekend, with all the snow and slush built up on the ice they did a better job of being a plow than anything. those guys where getting some real work outs pulling them. also with the ice like it was the guys with the atv's where leaving some serious trenches in the slush making it difficult for those of us pulling sleds. the trenches tend to make it pretty easy for the sleds to tip over if your not carefull traversing them.
  12. fished out in front of marina on Sunday morning and early afternoon, caught a couple of dozen perch several of them of good size. caught all of the larger ones on minnows. saw quite a few other being caught around me.
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