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  1. Thanks for thinking of the group! Let me know if you are coming to Rochester for the tackle sale next weekend or it might to easier to ship and I'll pay you back. Let me know!
  2. Last group of trolling gear for sale before the season. Mixed bag of spoons, attractors and whirlygigs. First reasonable offer takes it! Thanks, Chris
  3. C3M

    for sale : usa Diamond King

    Les you do not owe me anything after what you are doing for the kids. Ill bring them when we meet up here shortly.
  4. C3M

    for sale : usa Red Eye

    Combination of Large, Medium, Small Red Eye Spoons. 11 in total. Used condition $15
  5. Combination of Mag and Reg Diamond King Spoons. 10 in total. Used condition. $15
  6. Cleaning out the spoon: 100 Northern King Trolling Spoons - combination of Mag (19) & Regular sized (81) spoons. Many Duplicates. Used condition. Please reference photos. $200 for all Thanks, Chris
  7. This weekend would work well for me!
  8. Fellow LOU members have been very generous. I have 16 medium sized boxes that I am filling with plastics/hooks, spoons, plugs, ect, as they come in. If you have some gear that you feel you wont use feel free to send it over and it will go to the kids. Thank you again to everyone so far!
  9. I got the gear - thanks for dropping it off!
  10. Thanks for all the responses. My hope is to put together a rod and reel along with a small tackle box for each kid with anything from plastics to lures that will catch anything that you might find in a pond or off the piers. Anything more then that I will be pooling together and create a fishing derby for all of them with the top couple anglers getting a goody bag of equipment. my address is 18 Highland Drive Penfield NY 14526 Appreciate it again! Thanks, Chris McConnell
  11. I have replied to everyone with PM's. Thanks everyone in advance.
  12. Thats really nice of you - some line would be helpful (8-10# mono). Appreciate you doing that!
  13. I do not think most of them have ever been trib or fly fishing but I am sure they would try it!
  14. Hi LOU Community, I am working with a close friend at Gates Chili Middle School in developing a fishing club. Currently there are 14 members. Most of the young anglers are interested mostly in bass and perch. If any of you have unwanted tackle that you would like to donate to the group, we would be forever grateful. I can also work a deal out with anyone if I can trade some of my trolling gear for gear for the kids. Thanks in advance for anyone considering donating. -Chris
  15. 2 spin doctors (new) 2 pro trolls (used) 1 dodger (new) 1 Hot spot (new) 1 meat paddle (used) $50 shipped to your door $45 picked up in Penfield NY
  16. Pick up in Penfield NY or shipping can be arranged.
  17. C3M

    for sale : usa Starcraft islander

    If you look hard enough on this site you might just see this boat for sale by another member...
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