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  1. Little rippers in clear case and bomber long a deep lots are sold. First pre rapala rattle tots sold
  2. I have gotten some of these lures from family and not really sure on values of most of them. If wanna make an offer on lots or a handful of lures let me know. Thanks if could lead me into value of these I'd appreciate it
  3. Two of them sold only one I got left is one that needs a new up and down switch. I'd take an offer on it @tsawchuk30
  4. Hello I am located in Watertown ny. I am selling 2 cannon magnum 10 a electric downriggers both have double rod holders added to them and have some cable on both with swivel bases. Asking 500 for the pair Also have another magnum 10a but I need to fix the up and down button on it. Will sell that one also if interested
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