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    Sold / Closed Crestliner Nordic 19 - SOLD

    Price Adjustment
  2. C3M

    Sold / Closed Crestliner Nordic 19 - SOLD

    Still available
  3. C3M

    Sold / Closed Crestliner Nordic 19 - SOLD

    Yea I'm glad I decided to restore it to its original color scheme - they did a great job!
  4. C3M

    Sold / Closed Crestliner Nordic 19 - SOLD

    Thanks for the endorsement, It was commercially painted at Olson Brothers Marine west of Buffalo in Derby NY
  5. You look at someone of these charter captains, such as Scott running Silverfox, Richard H on Yankeetroller, Vince P with Thrillseeker, Tom Burke on Coldsteel ect. and you start to see some trends. They live the sport. Constant professionals on and off the water. From penn rearing projects to offering advise via posts, they know what it means to be a professional. They are confident yet humble. The moment you think you have figured out this game completely is the day you start to get to ignorant to adjust to changing trends. Being a charter captain makes you an ambassador of the sport. You do not enter captaincy to get rich as most will confirm, you enter it because you love it and as Andy Bliss says #suckstohaveadeskjob. Which is true but if it was that easy, we all would be in the game full time. I just turned 30 myself, which I feel is turning into the younger side for this sport. You MUST show your respect to those that came before you. The reasons we have such a great fishery now is the sacrifices of many of the veteran volunteers on this site.
  6. Nick will put you on fish and his boat is comfy ride with plenty of space.
  7. These guys put a lot of time and effort putting the tournament together with organization, gathering sponsorship, ect. Yes it will be difficult locating a serviceable launch on the morning of and the weather has not played in our favor, or anyone who owns lakefront property for that matter, but my hope is that it does not detract people from entering. This is my first time fishing the event and my first year in Rochester so I look forward to meeting fellow anglers in the area next weekend. These type of events to enter and fish in for "amateur" boats who do not have the space or want to spend extra to pay for an observer are rare. I hope this is the biggest year for the MCOC!
  8. 4 months time will help bone healing and assist in the stability of the fusion. However, If you do not challenge the musculature as the support structure around the neck recover can be prolonged. No one wants to go through a revision to the fusion procedure and most do not loosen or fail as long as ample time for recovery is made. PM me if you want further info I work for the U of R at Strong.
  9. I am an orthopedic physical therapist. I often work with multi-level fusions. You should be able to establish enough muscular strength and endurance to support the fusion site to allow for hunting if you rehab appropriately. Do not forget the importance of strengthening your shoulders and upper back also. Let me know if I can help -Chris
  10. Gotta love black sea bass! I head to Barnstable for 2 weeks every year picking away with the occasional fluke. Great time and even better meal!
  11. Any new updates on the launches? I bay is still closed but genny is open? Thanks for the info -Chris
  12. Any update on the launch at the genny? Looks like we are all running out of options for the weekend...
  13. Our LOU community has never been to keen on the idea of people who join the website just to sell their stuff at prices that do not reflect fair market value. Not today, probably still wont tomorrow...
  14. Hi LOU members, I'm looking for a gently used Penn 209 LC. Thanks, Chris
  15. Awesome thank you for all your help! I have emails out to all listed captains - checking on availability now.
  16. Tradman - appreciate you talking with your friend Roys Boys - Ill keep that backwater trip in mind. The $$ is significantly different between the two trips so very helpful
  17. Hi All, My good friend is getting married this July and I want to purchase a charter for him and the misses while they vacation to FL. Does anyone have an suggestions or a contact in/or around Marco Island in FL? Appreciate it, -Chris
  18. I feel like there are missing pieces to this story...
  19. I have a pair of new never used RAM track mounts. $10.00 plus shipping for the pair.
  20. 2 Daiwa Great Lakes 47 LC paired with 2 gander mountain wireline rods. Reels are are spoiled with 300 yds of power pro backing in 30# with 500+ft of 30# wire on each. Both reels have been greased yearly, both drags are in excellent shape. Line counters work great and the reset knob works freely. One reel has a missing lens cover atop the line counter - TunaTom has them for $10. PM with any questions about the set ups. $80 each or $150 for both. located in Rochester NY
  21. C3M

    for sale : usa NK 28 Lot

    12 NK 28 1 Diamond King All but 3 never used. $40
  22. Go Ithaca College Bombers!! and good luck with the boat!
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