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  1. I just bought my first lake/river worthy boat. I spend a decent amount of time in cape vincent during the spring and summer months. I was wondering how I could legally enter Canadian waters and also fish canadian waters. I assume I need a canadian fishing license that I could buy online? Also what happens if I accidentally enter canadian waters? I just want to figure this all out before I go up there and get in a stupid situation.
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    As I understand the change in policy, it’s not a problem boating or fishing in Canada now. Just can’t take bait into Canada (except worms in bedding) or touch land, another vessel, or anchor.

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  2. Had two young watchers and one young shooter with us on Friday. 12 year old got his first goose and two with bands.

     Today we had a very good shoot and ended up with 41. Hopefully a couple more shoots in last two days of early season. The dog did a great job!



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