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  1. Nice mix of 'seeds, gills, rockies and the one perch in that last pic. I have repeatedly espoused flyrodding for panfish down through the seasons, particularly sunnies on topwater offerings. It was a baby pumpkinseed that was so small it had not even been able to be hooked; the tiny bit of worm had lodged in it's mouth and I just popped it out of it's mouth. I was about 9 years old and had caught bigger and more fish before. But that beautifully colored little 'seed in the middle of the palm of my 9 year-old hand was like falling in love. From that moment on I have been in love with fishing and all of that is connected to it. Catching, cooking and eating, being on or close to or even in the water, environmental awareness, at the water with others, concern with just about everything including science. All because of a baby panfish....But I digress. Nice job as usual Kevin !!   

    Thanks for the story. Today I got my two grandsons out to a pond near their home. Each caught around 10 small bluegills but hopefully it fueled the fire.IMG_1524.JPGIMG_1523.JPG

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  2. Need to get lures in the 25-40 fow range near bottom.Deep divers alone often will not go deep enough so need to run downriggers or added weight. Generally we use braid with fluorocarbon leaders. Colors can vary but firetiger is a good starting point.

    Fish the current where flats drop to deeper water near the channel and 30-35 fow is generally good. Early morning and evening are prime times as is night. Seldom catch many during the day.

    May catch them long lining deep divers in 18-25 fow at night when they move up on flats.

    Bucktails, bladebaits, and jigging spoons will also take fish using a controlled drift with electric motor. Look for bait and fish on graph.




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  3. Great job as always.
    I tried early this morning and got 2 keepers, 1 about 17” (released), and dropped one at the back of the boat. They seemed to shut off well before sunrise where I was.
    How long of a leader do you run behind your bottom bouncer? I am running 6’ - 7’ and it is really fun trying to net them in the dark!!!
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    6-8’ leader. Need headlight for nighttime netting. Love cranking them up and seeing glowing eyes and white tip on tail!

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  4. The Chaumont area has lots to offer for outdoor activity. Not to far from salmon and trout in Lake Ontario. Good walleye, bass and perch fishing on Chaumont Bay. Close to St Lawrence river and Indian River Lakes and Perch Lake which are all good for ice and open water fishing.
    Lots of State parks and nature trails also available.
    The area also offers excellent waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting. I’ve lived in the Alex Bay area for over 40 years and find it to be an outdoor paradise, particularly if you don’t mind the winters and icefish.

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  5. Sorry to hear of your boat loss but you were prepared and that likely saved lives.
    As Prof T said we fish the river a lot at night and wear inflatables which are very comfortable.
    A great reminder that things can go bad quickly and the big lake can be unforgiving.
    Hope your able to recover from this and get back on the water in the future!

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  6. Bass Master Elite on St Lawrence is live on ESPN2 from 8:00-3:00 today. Also on tomorrow and Sunday. I’ve been recording it. Very interesting to view if you are familiar with the river and Big Lake. I was walleye fishing early this morning as boats ran down river from Clayton.

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  7. Glad you are on em Kevin!  Nice summer pattern here for me as well.  Still haven't hit skaneatles yet but I'll be doing both lakes by next spring at the latest.  My mate is doing very well over there.

    Sounds like a good summer bite. Nice to be on them.

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