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  1. Hit Black River Bay across from Sackets this morning. We were targeting walleyes but no success.

    There were about 10 boats working water from 20-55 fow and we didn’t see a net moved. We did manage 3 pike and kept the two largest. Had a rip on another rod but we dropped it.

    Nothing on the riggers and the lead cores were most productive today. All fish came off boards.



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  2. After 16 days of hard hunting, usually till 12:00 most days, and with very little luck. I'd only had birds in range twice and wasnt able to shoot either time. I thought today was the day. I was on birds right off the roost, could even see them in the tree. Due to being in very open woods and able to see the birds on the limb wasn't able to get the decoy placed for fear of being seen. Watched 3 birds (at least one gobbler) fly down and made a few calls to let them know I was there. A few minutes after fly down I heard him gobbling coming my way. Soon after I saw him slowly coming my way. At about 30 yards I had a good view of his head and neck and thought I better try the shot rather than let an opportunity pass. Long story short (maybe short story long ) the shot didn't connect. I hate missing birds, it means that I did everything right except the final step. Oh well, spit happens, right? Maybe had I waited he would of come in for a closer shot. Super frustrating to hunt so hard for one chance and blow it, but quitters never win. Still have 13 days to get it done. Good luck all, thanks for reading!

    I feel your pain but think of all the sunrises you’ve seen, birds you’ve heard, animals you’ve seen, flowers and plants you’ve observed. You have been able experienced spring slowly unfold before your very eyes. You’re blessed!!!!

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  3. That looks tasty!
    I have been using the Instapot for the legs/thighs and I fry up the giblets with some butter and seasoning.
    I think the legs and thighs are the best part of the bird.

    I think both goose and turkey thighs are very good. More fat= less dry and good flavor. Duck legs are also very good. I think most people have never tried them, cooked them wrong, or are to lazy to clean them.

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  4. Kevin's a wealth of knowledge. First line in the water, last line out type of guy. If you can run three rods, he runs three. That usually means 9 trolling out of his Alaskan to figure out what they want today!
    He doesn't catch fish or shoot turkey or deer by accident. He puts the time in and pays attention to details.
    Heck, he even adopts an occasional struggling fisherman...big mistake

    Kind words from a great sportsman.

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    After cleaning a turkey and removing the beast and thigh meat I boiled up all the bones from the carcass, neck, heart, gizzard and drum sticks. After picking the meat off the bones I had enough to make a turkey soup, turkey salad, and this turkey and biscuits. Likely 5 or 6 meals from things many hunters throw away. I still have the breasts and will use thigh meat to make sausage!




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  6. We did an online lesson on wild turkeys with our grandsons yesterday. We taught them about body parts, fun loving differences, aging toms, digestive systems, range etc. I also set up my decoys and went outside and show them how I use different calls. The 6 year old really enjoyed it but the 4 year old lost interest when he found out the decoys weren’t real.

    I got out a bag of beards I have saved from all my years of hunting and was amazed when I laid them out. Turns out I have 88 beards from very small fall beards, a bunch of jakes and many 7-10”. I also have 2 double beards, 2 hen beards, and one that had 5 beards which I breast and tail mounted. Some were killed by my wife and a couple by my son.IMG_1078.JPG


  7. Kevin,


    I’ve been out of Henderson once, and Stony three times.


    The Henderson trip I picked up three browns in the trench just south of the cut.


    The Stony trips have been slow. I haven’t been able to find any warm or colored water.


    The wind forecast for Thursday is under 10 from the south. If that holds true, I may trailer to Mexico for a change of scenery.


    I’ve never tried BRB, but it’s going on the list for the days with a north wind.






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    I’ve had some good days on BRB and Chaumont trolling stick baits, deep divers, or spoons. Usually run boards with lead cores or mono with split shot and also riggers. In BRB I fished 20-50 fow and down 5- 30 feet. Chaumont I run shallower as water tends to run 15-30 feet deep. Generally big walleyes and some big pike, and even some pickerel. Never caught any browns there though.

    Out of Stony I’ve caught browns, lakers, walleyes and pike.



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  8. I’m generally hitting the browns and walleyes this time of year but have stayed close to home and hunted turkeys and fished perch and crappies.

    I haven’t heard much on fishing out of Stony Creek, Henderson, Sackets ( Black River Bay), or Chaumont. Does anyone have anything to report. With the cold and wind it’s likely few have been fishing.



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  9. Nice job Kevin. Never fished for crappies before. Caught a couple as a kid just by chance. What conditions and bait do you usually look for and use? I’m assuming shallow water and worms, but I’m just guessing. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Generally the spring bite starts now and lasts a few weeks. I tend to to fish warm bays over weed tops early in 5-8 fow now. As they begin to spawn fish shallow structure ( downed trees, beaver feeds, boat docks, or rocks)
    Mostly use jig with minnow, tube or 2” Berkley power-bait . I usually fish a light jig 2-5’ below a bobber, depending on water depth. Try changing your bobber depth as often they want a specific depth.
    It’s important to move frequently if you’re not catching! If they are around they will generally bite. If you catch one there will likely to be more around as they school up. Also note where you catch them and look for water with similar conditions.
    If you hit them on a certain spot and they quit leave the area and return to it later. Avoid boat noise as they can be spooky.

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