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  1. I went out with some shiners at night and couldn't get a single bite. I've never tried for perch at night and don't really know if their active during dark hours. anyone have any tips on getting perch at night? Is it worth it at all or should i stick to going during daylight hours? any help is appreciated thanks
  2. This was very helpful, thanks for all the insight into these units and i didn't even consider lowrance units, but will look at them before i make the purchase. having a gps mark out on the big lake would be really nice. I'm pretty new to ice fishing so having gps built in is a nice feature. Thanks again guys, good luck and lets hope for a freeze this year
  3. First of all, where is the ice, this is getting ridiculous! second, I'm through with punching holes and playing the guessing game. who has a nice sonar they like and which sonar would you recommend? Or would you recommend a camera instead of sonar? I'm looking at vexilar and marcum sonars because that seems to be the most popular name out there. what is the difference between a $250.00 finder and a $750.00 one. Looking for someone to put these things into perspective for me, never used one and would like to make sure i make the right decision when i go buy one this year. thanks in advance for the help
  4. way to go! that's a great deer
  5. how many rods are you allowed to use when pier fishing? I cant seem to find that in the regs either. is it one or two?
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