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  1. Thanks for the reports once again Larry, i will be out until the bitter end, or at least until my 2wd truck cant pull my boat out anymore lol. Have a safe trip.
  2. We got the Dinks! Haha, heard of 50" and 48" where was the 52''? I fished 3pm-11pm, no action!
  3. What kind of shape do you think the river will be in by saturday afternoon larry?
  4. None for me Sunday night but a friend caught a low 40" on one of my custom baits in NightShiner trolling during the day. Must be good sign seeing those young fish in the harbour. Out again this weekend, hopefully my luck improves.
  5. Nice, hoping to make it out Sunday night. Hoping the weeds are better.
  6. Maybe my transducer is'nt reading correctly, i had 60 in the triangle and 59 down by navy sunday morning.
  7. Fished the triangle 4am-9:30am, then relaunched at navy for a quick troll, no luck but marking lots!
  8. Thanks for the updates Larry. I was out Wed and managed 40" in UN2 at 9pm before the winds picked up, on a prototype crank i just finished off. Keep the reports coming!
  9. nice job on releasing that beauty
  10. Would have loved to but unfortunately we're in Canada
  11. Hit niagara this morning for musky. Very first cast my dad catches a nice pike around 27". Then about my fith cast i hook into what turns out to be my biggest musky ever. Didn't get a good measurment on it but guessing around 44" and at least 20lbs. Also caught a couple of bass but quickly water released no pics. My dad also got a nice looking tiger musky and my brother got a small musky. All fish were caught casting bucktails. 3 musky landed in total, two lost at the boat and 4 follows, not a bad day.
  12. probably cause they like to keep and eat what they catch, and the cant keep a musky until its real big
  13. i crossed out the backgroung because i posted it on another forum where people would fish the exact spot they saw the picture, and it is also a very easily identifiable location.
  14. Heres two tigers from the upper that we caught a couple weeks ago, 37" and a 46", also caught 3 other natural muskies that day as well as one lost and a couple follows
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