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  1. We've been runnining to the 400 ft. contour out of little sodus and have decent luck on steelhead right on top with light gear(6lb and noodle rods)also got beat bad buy what i'm guessing was a king after a 200 ft.run 85 ft. down over 400 ft. with a slide diver and whole alewive on a bait head.Parted the fish at the surface.......upgraded the 14 lb to 25 lb and will try tommorow
  2. We've been running 11 miles at 330 degrees out of little sodus bay and catching lakers suspended 45 ft. down and steelies on top.Nothing big and no great numbers but seems better than we do in close.Can't catch a brown since the big one we got the first day we got here.
  3. Actually,I did.He was bleeding some but he swam off strong,hopefully he's alright.Would have made a nice mount,but had no where to keep him for the week.
  4. Our first trip to lake Ontario and we are impressed!Picked up this beauty out of Oswego...................
  5. Name: OLBLUUU Location:Casco, maine Home Port:Sebago/ Casco Bay Boat Name/Type: 15' MFG 1962 open I fish for: Salmon, Browns , Brookie, Striper, Shark, Tuna , and Smelts , and anything else that bites , I fish for FISH. ================== new to the board , just introducing myself to the site , saying hello and Happy Thanksgiving !! getting interested in coming to the big lake for BIG fish , looking forward to may 2010 , Fish ON
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