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  1. LOL , The funny part is that post is how old? Jan 13.. and its taken almost a month to get one reply! lol All I know is its got some nice bass in there in the summer! And Ive seen iceman05 cast everything in the bout to catch one! lol
  2. Me and iceman05 went out last sat and sunday . We did good sat with two 8 pound pike and a few other small ones. Did not really try for the purch at all . But one guy at the end of the day caught a huge purch 15'' long and 2 1/2 pounds.. But its hit and miss out there but lots of good ice tho .. good luck if you get a wale put it up on here for us to see ...
  3. Well Iceman05 lets not forget who's bait caught that fish ! O and who stuck there had down that hole and GAFFED it ! ha ha
  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  5. Home base ! First & second place winners ! Nice fish bill..
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know that its been cut to just sat ! And 10$ to enter . Seeing how the weather is tonight we should be ok for ice ! See you guys out there .
  7. Well I guess if I head out there I better not bring the old man with me ! Thanks guys for the info !
  8. Has anyone fished sliver lake yet this winter. Hows the ice and the bite ? I was thinking about going down and trying it out !
  9. My buddy is in the club and helps run it . This sat and sun in braddocks bay marina. 15.00 a person. There will be pizza,coffee and hot coco. Thats if we have enough ice this weekend !
  10. Ya fishinman it was 100 acre pond ! Thats the second time Ive been there this season. The first time me and a few buddys went we got 3 nice pike and one 18" bass. Its never to crowded there and not bed on windy days .
  11. 27" my buddy caught, not bad for that pond i think..
  12. Has anyone fished coopers or know how much ice is there?
  13. Gaffman


    fished from 6 to 12 got one pike 30 long 6.50 pounds not bad but it was the only one me and two buddys got all day . lots of gills out there tho. how has everyone else been doing out there ?
  14. sounds a little slow . did u hear of anyone getting any bass or pike?
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