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  1. ima try milikin its been crap bite at t falls 6 trips without a bite.gotta try suntin new. u had any luck shawn or neone.
  2. thanks 4 being such a good dude. i think most of the people who use the sight think trout **** gold and no ones guna share there precious secrets. well u can know nehting i know just ask, fishing has always been about having good times with friends this forum is strange seems like alot of judgement gets passed and people dont really seem to want to help each other just critiscize or offer no help at all. may be its just me but thanks again see you soon.
  3. has ne one really been to aes yet? did you have ne luck with the pike shawn? i put in another honest day didnt see a scale or tail. ill be getting back out later today or tomorrow might go check the spillway some walleye and perch action. is there trout at the lil park above stewart on the east side of the lake?just above the ice.
  4. ya no worries i was there b4 i met u didnt realize it was suposed to be low key. u can catch the convoy ne time. im tryin again tomorow may be the east shore
  5. great forum met some of u guys at the lake thanks for the tips. i landed a nice brown at the south pier in toughanock and saw onenice ll caught. it seems slow there. so does anyone fish aes? and is there any fishing at myers point? im mostly into running water most of thats shut down, met many great guys at toughannock but seems like the fishing is slow wondered where else i might find a bite.
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