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  1. Our star weld had the weld seam split on back corner. Luckily noticed it backing down the ramp. Sent info and photos to dealer and still waiting for a pick up. Happened in June. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Fished from 9:00am to noon. North and east of Deans. 5 for 7 on lakers biggest 26" 5 lbs. averaged 20-22". Down 60-80' over 90-100 fow. Majority of fish were taken on white green dot pro troll with ultra white glow atomik fly on mag dipsy out 250'
  3. Just want to give you guys an update. I pulled the motor apart and it was gummed up with black soot. Cleaned everything up and did inspection brushes and everything looked good so reassembled and put it back on rigger. Back in business!
  4. Thanks for the tips and link! Will be doing more jigging in the near future! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.
  5. Took a trip out to try my luck jigging for lake trout. 60-80 fow. Only second attempt at this method. Dropped jig down and bam 25" landlock. Lost three other fish and missed 3. Also saw another salmon chase my jig to boat. Think I need to put an order in for sharper jig hooks. Not happy with the ones I have but all I could find last minute in the 1 ounce size.
  6. That's what I thought .I will try a 10 lb weight. It's hard fishing deeper than 80' with light weight and not getting a ton of blow back. Maybe I should start saving my penny's for a couple of scottys
  7. I have an older mag 10. The problem I am having is that it retrieves very slow and often have to help the spool along by hand to raise ball. I think maybe the motor is going. I had a similar issue with another one of my mag 10 and swapped motor from another and worked fine. Looking for any help or suggestions since a new motor pricey. Oh yea I am using 16lb torpedo weights and heard the older cannons don't like the heavier loads.
  8. Thanks for the info! On Lake Ontario I never really targeted lake trout. I know you troll at a slower speed for them what do you usually run? Also all my stuff is set up heavier for kings and was wondering what your recommendation for line is? 10-15 lb maybe? Other than getting familiar with the land marks you guys talk about I think I have the jist of it. Thanks again and tight lines!
  9. I'm going to be new to Cayuga lake fishing. Was looking for some pointers. I will be fishing out from the canoga area about 4 miles south from the state park. I fish Lake Ontario a lot for salmon so I'm familiar with downriggers and dipseys. Just not sure what everyone recommends running? Just spoons? Cowbells? Etc... If anyone is familiar with this part of the lake or a good spot fairly close any info would be greatly appreciated! Also any ideas for other species too would help! Thanks in advance.
  10. Not sure what time you were planning. I get done with work at 5:30. Got your message late I didn't bring any gear with me.
  11. Hey guys I'm going to be working and staying down in bath. Was looking for some good shore fishing spots on kueka lake. Perhaps some tips on tackle also. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again. Ed
  12. Just tied up a bunch of harnesses going to give it a try in the morning. Ill post my findings in the afternoon. Good luck everyone and happy fourth fishing!
  13. Not a bad morning at all. Put a 15 lb king and a 23 lb king in the box. Released a stealhead. Lost a jumper. And dropped a couple screamers on the wire. Even though we were soaking wet we were too busey to notice. Hope this is a good sign. Thought it was going to be slow and would have to drop down for lakers but never made it that far.
  14. Thanks for the tips! I guess I'll have to play around with it some more to fine tune it. Very helpful!
  15. I had purchased a new otter boat because I heard they track better especially in choppier water. I can't get it to track right though. I have it set out on the starboard side and if I just slightly turn the boat starboard the board will turn towards the boat and go slack. I have tried adjusting the string loop every which way and still the same problem. 100% positive the keel weight is on correct. Not sure if I got a bad board or what. Anyone else ever had this problem? Or any ideas why it's happening?
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