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  1. Thanks guy's for all the tip's. I will give the willis knot another try but i'm happy to hear there is another option, I was just snipping the flouro leader with finger nail clippers and it did seem to smush the end.
  2. Yup, that's the knot I've been trying to tie. I get the mono in about an inch then it pokes out the side, Guess I need to keep on trying. Thank's.
  3. What is a good way to tie leadcore to mono. I know that you are supposed to pull the jacket back about 6 inches and pinch off the lead, then thread the mono/fluorocarbon into the hollow jacket. Yeah right like that's going to happen! I've been trying to get that sucker in there for 3 hrs and it ain't happening so there has to be another way. I tried a blood knot but the mono pulled thru. Any ideas ?
  4. Awesome boat! I saw your add and had to respond. I have the exact same boat and it's setup pretty much the same same way right down to the 3 pc. windshield. Mine's an 88' with a 350 (3300 hr's) w/ 4 cannons. I think you and me are the only one's out there with Challenger's. Even Billy V. had one to start. They are great fishing boats with alota room. Same boat as a Contender but without the heavy hardtop. Had mine for 3 yrs. and put on 300+ hrs. a yr. I think it's a steal at 9 G. Someone's gona get themselves a real nice boat. Good luck
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