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  1. hey tom, I think I saw you out there sunday. I was in the red top penn yan that you cut in front of, Im still trying to figure that one out. I saw you getting close so I turned right and you did too, I turned right again and again you follow me when you had your whole left side open to you, I finally turned right at you and went behind you, Ya gotta give guys room out there, we are pulling some long lines and getting tangled is not fun.
  2. I change mine every spring. I average 250 - 300 hrs a year and its not that hard or expensive to do. I dock my boat and don't want to have to pull it out if there is a problem. This way its done and I don't have to worry about it.
  3. Nice job! Had to be tough waiting half a year to use your new boat. Penn Yan's fish nice, alota room to move around . Good luck with the new rig.
  4. I just looked in my 88' Mercruiser manual for my 5.7 I/O and it recommends a good grade SAE 40w, SF detergent automotive straight weight oil for an ambient temperature above 50 deg.F. and a 30W,SF for temps between 32 deg and 50 deg F.
  5. Hey Bill, you don't have to be modest. It's ok to mention that you won the fall LOC derby a couple years ago out of it. Not many people can claim that title. Congrats! Hope to see you at Arnie's again this year. By the way, what are you moving up to?
  6. My FishHawk probe also quit at the end of last season. It stopped reading the down temp. It was 4 yrs old and saw 1100 hrs of use. I always protect it and only put it on the downrigger when I get to where I want to fish, then take it off when im done. Apparently the thermistor tubes got damaged and the probe couldn't be repaired. I had to buy a new probe for $269 bucks. Ouch! I noticed that the new probe comes with a rubber cap on the tip to protect the tubes so this must have been a common problem. Other than that I have been happy with the FishHawk System and and couldn't imagine fishing without down speed and down temp no matter which product you use.
  7. I truly believe that sailboat's should be included. It seem's like they aim right for me everytime I'm out there. Don't know if they just can't see around those thing's or they just don't pay attention but when I can actually hit the guy with a rock if I had one, that is way too close.
  8. The WaterCraft Clinic in Red Creek,N.Y. does excellent work. see watercraftclinic.com for more info.
  9. Sweet Boat ! For a minute there I thought it was mine. We are set-up pretty much the same. There's a lot of room in those Penn Yan's, you shouldn't have a problem selling it at that price. Good Luck.
  10. On my deepest rigger I always run an E-Chip flasher/ fly 14 ft..behind the ball and it always gets action.
  11. I got screwed over by TJ at pennyanboats.com a few years ago and will never do business with him again. I drove from Rochester to New Jersey to look at a boat the day after it was listed. The guy accepted my offer. TJ calls me a few day's later and tells me the guy got a better offer! I said WTF we had a deal and he tells me pretty much to give him more if I really want the boat. Told him no I don't think so and hung up. Beware of this shady guy.
  12. My wire dipsey's have been coming in with about 2 ft. of flea on them lately. I started thinking that there had to be an easier way to get it off other than picking it off an making a mess. Looked around and saw a pen and HMMM. I put the rod in a holder, pulled on the wire to keep it tight and rubbed the plastic pen body over the flea. The flea falls off with just a few stroke's. If the flea is all balled up from bringing in a fish this still works you just have to push a little harder. Do you guy's have any other trick's that work?
  13. Ive run a f/f at the ball and a free slider, Trouble is when you pop your line to check it or go in, the lines get all twisted as you bring them in.
  14. Pro Gun, rt 96 , Victor NY They did an excellent job on my Ithaca deerslayer afew yrs ago.
  15. The twilli tip helps to keep the wire from curling as it will when dragged over the hard edge of the eye.
  16. Electric for sure even if its a used one. Get one this yr and another next yr. I was catching lakers 175 ft down with a 12 lb ball and cant imagine cranking that up by hand.
  17. Pap, I've been using 20# Flea Flicker on my 4 downrigger rods for several years now . I run it all year and don't have any problem with fleas or line twist. I bought mine at B E Tackle on Rt 104 in Ontario.
  18. Nice job Lou ! You always find the fish. Thanks for the report, hopefully the fish will make their way down to Sodus soon as its been pretty slow there. Hope you weren't preoccupied cooking sausages on your grill !
  19. I know I just learned to tie this knot and probably shouldn't be giving out tip's but here's one anyway, After sliding the mono in and butting it up to the lead, I put a small drop of superglue on the jacket where they meet. It soaks thru the jacket and onto the mono and lead and holds them firmly in place while you snug up the overhand knot. I also put a drop on the end of the jacket to keep it from fraying.
  20. Hoo Hoo ! Finally got that sucker in there. I ended up cutting the flouro at an angle with a razor blade and kept the jacket bunched up while slipping it in. Glad that's over! Thanks again to all. Tight Lines & cold beer!
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