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  1. just trolling around for some rod and reel tips
    looking for some of your top 3 downrigger / dipsy rods and reels.
    Just getting into  the bigger boat sport always putted around in my 10' playing with the smallies. just bought me a retirement present a 17' tracker 70hp. will be putting my 9.9 merc on it as a kicker. hitting lake ontario for salmon, lakers, bows, then erie for the walleyes.
    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Sportsman warehouse has Coldwaters for $79IMG_2130.JPG

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  2. I just dug through my pictures from last year, and I have pictures of pike running April 1.  We also saw walleye in the side streams around that time too.

    I can't for the life of my remember the order that they run.  I THINK it's walleye first, then pike, but it could very well be the other way around.

    Pike first usually around April 1st as you said

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    1. Escape*
    2. Legacy*
    3. Always Something*
    4. Rochester Sport Fishing*
    5. Killian's Red
    6. Salmonboy*
    7. Double D*
    8. Double AA*
    9. Strippin Line
    10. East Fork Barberians
    11. Silver Fox*
    12. Black Magic*
    13. Pull The Hook*
    14. Lip Rippers
    15. Alyda*
    16. Fish Styx*
    17. Team Jager*!
    18. Whaler 1*
    19. Net Breaker*
    20. Polish Moments*
    21. Bullseye*
    22. Rigged*
    23. Thunderstruck*
    24. Freespirit*
    25. Draggin Fly
    26. Rochester Reel Repair
    27. Make The Turn*
    28. Double Trouble*
    29. Steel Dinghy*
    30. Crafty Hooker
    31. Miss Behavin'
    32. Piece of Work*
    33. Richmond IV
    34. Screamin' Reels
    35. The Reel Kingsmen
    36. Sanitarium
    37. Scottsman*
    38. Shark Hunter*
    39. Two Mikes and a Brown
    40. Get The Net*
    41. Hideout*
    42. Insufishent Funds
    43. Blu-Mare
    44. Live Action*
    * = teams entered in Calcutta.
    1. Escape
    2. Legacy
    3. Always Something
    4. Double D
    5. Double AA
    6. East Fork Barberians
    7. Black Magic
    8. Silver Fox
    9. Pull The Hook
    10. Polish Moments
    11. Fish Styx
    12. Bullseye
    13. Freespirit
    14. Draggin Fly
    15. Make The Turn
    16. Steel Dinghy
    17. Crafty Hooker
    18. Piece of Work
    19. Richmond IV
    20. Screamin' Reels
    21. The Reel Kingsmen
    22. Windbreaker
    23. Scottsman
    24. Shark Hunter
    25. Chuck - Less (Get The Net)
    26. Hideout
    27. Live Action

    Any Bff results?

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  4. Okay so another question. If I am using dispeys basically for the first time am I okay to go with a wire setup? What about braided or copper? What is the difference and what should I be using as a first timer?
    What type of dispy plate brand do you recommend? Luhr Jensen? Does it matter which size plate?
    Is there a chart I can use to know how far to set it out? So many variables, so many questions. This stuff is tough.
    Thank you all again.

    If I were you I’d start with wire. Braid sucks during flea season. Copper isn’t made for divers!!! As far as divers look into chinook divers made in Rochester. Super nice people to deal with and a great quality product. They come with a chart. We use the biggest ones for salmon.

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