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    has anyone had any luck on sodus bay for me has been terrible
  2. i have only been ice fishing for about 2 years and havent been out this year was wondering how sodus bay was with the snow. Also wanted to know if cayuga and owasco lake were have never ice fished either lakes if some one could help me out would be greatly appreciated thank you
  3. was wondering if anyone had a two man ice shanty for sale really dont have a lot of money jus looking for summn to last me a couple seasons
  4. huck10185


    with this warmer weather is there any ice left on sodus bay and if so how much would sure appreciate any comments on this topic
  5. huck10185


    went out the water is terrible got no keepers
  6. whats the best colors or thing to use for ice fishing on your hand pole
  7. huck10185


    yeah im goin out tomorrow morning to grassy point will let everyone kno
  8. hey where were they biting on sodus and what were they biting on
  9. huck10185


    hey has any one been out on sodus bay are the perch moving in yet
  10. ok yeah thanks for the tips found them today sodus point caught quite a few perch ten to twelve inch perch just beware of thin ice any where around channel
  11. wondering if anyone seeing any action on sodus bay
  12. im just a new guy to ice fishing i fish sodus bay almost every weekend and have still yet to find a spot to catch more then two or three keepers would like to know if any one out there can give me a hint to where all the perch are thank you
  13. there are awesome state game lands on spring lake road perfect for rabbit hunting and not too many people hunt them
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