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  1. hahahaahahhaahhahaahahhahahhaahahhahaha.......hahahahhahahahahahaah......that kind of **** will happen!!!!!!!!
  2. nice work brother pretty fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hey buddy it happens!!!!!!! i was there net in hand reay to help...good to see big fish like that ...next time he wont get away..i caught a little shaker after you left...stanley showed up and fish on...nasty day but the big one got away!!!!!!!!!!!! fishon...
  4. susquehana river and the canal system at the end of cayuga lake are both good early summer late spring!!!!!!!
  5. taughanock creek gets a few..
  6. bucko428

    Seneca Perch???

    we did well outside watkins sunday in about 25 to 40 feet of water....37 we kept all 10 inch plus with a couple of 14 inch plus fat ones....we only fished them for about an hour then ran out of minnows....good luck fish on....
  7. bucko428

    Seneca Perch???

    i would tell you but then i would half to kill you!!!!!!!....
  8. was wondering if you still have boat for sale
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