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  1. Ive been fishing from the casting pier, a couple sheeps head but no eyes. the water is so high its amazing.
  2. Any one have an idea when the walleyes will be hitting the oswego river?
  3. I didnt have a chance to the museum but i am hard core hooked.
  4. Just a rapala was what i was using
  5. It was an a amazing time. I went to blue mountain lake we traveled the river from blue mountain to across raquett lake and back the first day then did a little climbing the next day. Caught some nice large mouths but no pike. I would love to hear about the secret lake ( you could even pm to keep it top secret) as were already planing another trip for the first weekend in august, thinking about lake lila area. Thanks to every one for the help.
  6. what type of jig were you using and how big? Im heading up to the ADKs next weekend and would love to try it.
  7. those sound awesome about how long of a trip you guys talking about weekend or week long
  8. whats your favorite lake trout lure or spoon, and how deep do you normally fish it?
  9. Hey I don’t know if this really fits here but oh well. My buddy and I are planning on taking a three day kayak trip of the Adirondacks over fourth of July weekend and I was wondering if any one had some good tips. Any lakes to go to, what to use, when to use it, what to bring or even good routes to go. Anything’s appreciated. Thanks a lot, Thurman
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    thanks so much
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    hey what were you using and how deep and what part of the lower, im new to this type f fishing but i am a fellow irondequiotian. where you closer to seth or the mouth anything helps
  12. how you get there and what are you guys using to catch them? fishing from the shore productive at all?
  13. im in between oswego and rochester but have no problem travling, any were is fine.
  14. hey im new to fishing for trout from a boat (normally am a fly guy). i have a kyak that i got for christmass and was hoping to try and figure out how to fish for trout from it. i have places on kyueka and a smaller lake in cuse. Any tips or ideas about setups lures and lines would be more then appreciated. thanks and best oluck to ya.
  15. Hey does any one know of a good place(s) to fish for pike or walleye from the shore, me and my fishing partner had a falling out so i need a new place to fish.. Starting now through summer, any area is fine, lake or river. Thanks best oluck to ya.
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