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    fishing, going fishing. thinking about fishing,,,oh did i say fishing?
  1. what a cutie Gambler..as FX said enjoy them while you can... they grow up quick. mine are 22 and 20 now, seems like yesterday they had snoopy poles... Will
  2. HI I"M Will I'M pretty new to the site, however I would like to say as a taxidermist I would say NICE Atlantic!!! wow what a pig!!! there is a few sure ways to tell the difference 1 Atlantic's have generally 120 scales along the lateral line. a brownie will have a lot more if you still have the fish and time count them 2 look at the adipose fin. browns will have red or orange spots Atlantic are all black anyway. Atlantic or brown. NICE fish!!!! i hope you put that on you wall.lol Will
  3. Name: Bill Biggs Location:northeast Pa. Home Port: usually fish with friends out of oswego Boat Name/Type: I fish for: salmon, steelie's and browns at the big O...trophy bass back home. ================== you guys are some of the greatest fisherman on earth, and its been an honor getting to know a few of you in person. and looking forward to getting to know more of you. i am a taxidermist here in pa ( redneck taxidermy ) and i am proud to of been able to be a part of the A TOM MIC challenge and always willing to do whatever i can for lester zimmerman. great guy! for the past 2 years. and enjoyed helping the kids with donated mounts. in oswego, mike's and fairhaven... also want to to say Mike from Proteus. thanks for a grea trip last year!!! and Dan from Dans salmon river guide service...always a great time !!!! always fish !!! and Reese...thank you so much for all the times you have taken me and my son.. Will
  4. the fish i caught today was so big...the picture weighed 5 pounds !!!!
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