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  1. I support the reduction at this time, better to be safe. There was certainly no shortage of bait or salmon out there this year...but what about next year, or the year after...I think that is why there is a sense of caution right now. And for people saying it was TERRIBLE fishing this year...just go out to the West Coast where these fish are actually from originally....we may possibly have better fishing than they do.
  2. Just thought I should check to see what you meant by this statement...If the goal is to ease pressure on the forage base, you would want to invert Pen and Direct stocking numbers. e.g. Increase direct stock #'s lower Pen reared numbers. Pen reared fish have twice the survival rate of direct stocked and will be larger in size at same age compared to direct stock fish.
  3. Some thoughts...obviously overlooking all the 'Heritage act' or 'Clean Water act' that would be non-starters on Laker elmination and nutrient boosting. Lake Trout reduction to 15-25% of current level immediately and until population is so limited they are a rare catch (Match stocking to angler interest generally speaking) Atlantic Salmon...How is this still a thing? Take the Lake Trout Reductions and put toward boostsin Brown and Steelhead numbers (These trout hit up Alewives less than Kings and Lakers) Boost Nutrient load drastically in the lake to bolster the foodweb from bottom up and feed those skinny Alewives! Manage Alewife population boom years with temp King/Coho increases (these mouths expire in 2-4yrs unlike the Trout) Start tracking Alewife spawning success since that is the time to base a decision on future stocking plans (not after multiple years of year class losses) My $0.02
  4. What a slob of a Brown oh my! they are beautiful fish...love the stories too. It's a tough list to crack, that's why they are fish of a lifetime goals. So far just 2 Kings on the wall of fame 33.76lbs and 36.72lbs both grand prize winners in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. The first one took almost 7 weeks to catch, with only 2 day left in the 2009 derby. The bigger one, and still my official PB Chinook came just about an hour or so into the start of the derby in 2013! Work done by Advanced Taxidermy...they look like they were taken from the net and hung on wall...incredible work. I was close with a 29lb Lake trout a couple years ago. But no huge browns or bows over 15lbs ish The chase continues! [emoji4]
  5. It has to be a lifetime fish bigger than the weights below or a major prize winner (weight doesn't matter) to go on the wall of fame. Chinook over 40lbs Brown over 20lbs Laker over 30lbs Steelhead over 20lbs
  6. I gotta say, what an incredible fish! My goal has always been a 30, can't imagine a 35! Probably quit fishing for them, you won't beat a fish like that easily wow. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Back-to-back COLD winters has changed their migration pattern is my guess. No shortage of fish in the lake, just not West of Toronto...
  8. An Autotether, Auto-inflateable PFD and PLB are good starting presentations. Then worry about the fish safely 1 rigger and 1 diver is good, then double-up whatever is producing.
  9. Agreed, but getting home at 10pm on a weeknight the last thing I want to do is clean a fish lol Rarely keep anything for this reason, but occasionally I'll take a cooler out filled with ice and go find some ho's and bo's...just not during the GOSD hehe
  10. Decided to get away from the swarm of boats out in front of Bronte and head east to an area that looked good earlier in the week. Setup on a really nice scumline with tons of bait in 150-170fow. There was also some extreme currents at depth with good temps, seemed like a good mix of variables to entice a beast. And it did...just the wrong type, picked up a decent Laker. Also a small king about 4lbs. As the sun set I slid in a bit shallower as the temps were still decent, but didn't move a rod. Back out tonight. Tony
  11. 42-44 as I said the temp profile has changed drastically over 48 hours.
  12. Another tough night on the water, covered 80-150 fow and avoided the skunk finally with a 31.7.................... ....ouncer! just at dusk Water has flipped compared to Tuesday with a drop of about 5 degrees in surface temp out front (68 down to 63). Still so much bait out there, it has to turn on soon! Back out tonight...could this be the day? Tony
  13. Headed out after work hoping the East wind wouldn't have made the lake too bad, it was fine but you had to have a larger heavier boat to maintain some kind of control out there. Nice night for a boat ride, but the first Skunking of the GOSD for me Covered 130-200 and did some searching as well...so much bait! so few fish Back out tonight weather permitting Tony
  14. Tough fishing...6 fish biggest just under 20lbs to show for about 25 hours of angling effort over the 2 days. Hoping either my ability or the fishing improves soon...I am hoping it's just the fishing Back out tonight!
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