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  1. Just be thankful you didn't have a fish to weigh! He advertised he was open until 8 every day, you think he would stay open when he's got a tournament on! Down my way Creek Road in Lewiston pulled out also as a weigh-in so I guess South Bay is as "west" as it gets. What a joke.
  2. How can you figure percentages when you don't know what was paid out? Is this the same math Tacklebuster used to come up with the 3000 percent better if you joined today? He has made it rough on himself, we aren't. Posting a link to his leaderboard showed us nothing. All we wanted to see was what was paid out in cash and sponsor packs or merchandise. That's all. If he wants us to sign up and tells us the prizes will be based on the number of entries and then refuses to tell us what that number was what are we supposed to think? How can we make an informed decision moving forward? He also gets on here and told Lester to "be careful". That almost sounded like a threat and that was directed towards a guy who was sticking up for him! The "roughly $2000" quote is also an unknown. How much of that was cash and how much was merchandise? Is it really closer to $1500? It is intentionally vague and how can you say the percentage is the same as the Orleans or the LOC Derbies? I have seen enough to make a determination on whether I want to join in the future and the old saying "A fool and his money are soon parted" comes immediately to mind.
  3. First off, Tacklebuster said "roughly 2000 in cash and merchandise". What's that, $200 cash plus some over inflated value on product? That is nothing like the Orleans county or LOC derbies! They both publish EXACTLY what you win. I just looked at the LOC web page for the fall derby and they guarantee $66,300 in cash, $25,000 Grand Prize and $5000 (not $2500) for first place in the salmon. Tacklebuster refuses to publish an accounting of who he paid what. Comparing this "try and guess the payout" derby to the Orleans or LOC events is absurd.
  4. Tacklebuster, Those were not my numbers they were yours. If you look at my previous post you can see I cut and pasted what YOU wrote. So now we find out you won't be paying out 30 times to a single winner, let alone the 3000 times you advertised. Your response did nothing to explain away your conflict of interest, it only made it worse. You fail to mention that these private businesses are owned and operated by you and your family So you took money from people for registrations and a charter, (they did pay you for the charter, didn't they?) caught the leading salmon on a boat you own, personally weighed the fish at a store you also own to place in a tournament you started. And your defense is you aren't taking any of the winnings?!?! It speaks volumes that you don't see anything wrong with your actions. Jim
  5. So if the entry fee is $30, that would be $90,000, is that what your saying? You still haven't published any numbers of entries or prizes. Looking at the leaderboard it says the one salmon entered was caught aboard Tacklebuster II. Is this the same Tacklebuster who is posting? Was this fish caught on Tacklebuster's boat, weighed in at Tacklebuster's store by Tacklebuster and is miraculously winning the tournament that Tacklebuster started? Also, If the fish holds, what do they win?
  6. chris, Thank you for writing me and please excuse me for not understanding. I only have fished crappiethons and smaller events but me and my buddy usually do pretty good and wanted to try fishing ontario derbys. Last year we got some downriggers and yellow birds and have caught a few brown trout and salmon. But for the two of us that would be $200 bucks and if we can only win $50 bucks we would have to win 4 times to get our money back, and we ain't that good! I didn't realize that was how ontario derbys were run. The only tournaments I have fished they told you how much you could win before hand and I guess it is not bad, just different than what I know. It just seems to me that a lot of people would wait until the money got higher to enter. I'm a noob! Thank you again for your speedy reply and good luck! Jim
  7. Hi Just found this forum and this derby sounds nice! I have read this thread from beginning to end and been on the derby web site but I'm still confused. I see that $1000 was paid the first two days and that was great! But I'm having a hard time figuring out what would be paid like if someone won today or tomorrow. I'm not great with math and when I read that "70% of monies collected would be paid out" I'm not really sure what that means. Could somebody tell me what the daily pay out is? Thanks and there is tons of great info on here. Jim
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