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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, Not sure where you are getting your information from but there has been exactly ONE price increase in 7 years. It went from $25 to $30 in 2008 and I raised it from $15 to $20 for a one day pass and $30 to $40 for an individual derby after last falls event. There has never been anything even close to a 60% price increase, ever. Maybe someone saw the fees for the one day pass and got them mixed up. With the price increase there was a substantial increase in the daily prize structure for all events. It went to $1100 a day in the Spring and $1500 per week in the summer. In the Fall LOC, it used to be $300 a day, now it's $900 a day, $500 for salmon and $200 each for brown and Rainbow. That's $15,300 in daily cash awards for this Fall's event, quite an increase. For the fall event it costs less than $2.23 per day for the 18 days. There is $65,800 cash and over $6500 in merchandise prizes up for grabs. With a Grand prize of $25,000 do you really want to be fishing the Great Lake and NOT be in? David Chilson LOC Derby
  2. Gentlemen, Please try and think before posting inappropriate shirt pictures, sayings and words such as “S****â€. Some of the current advertisers are tourism departments of various counties along the lake, which are adamant about promoting fishing to children, young adults and women. I guarantee you they will not find the humor in this. Chad has worked hard in getting this forum listed in county publications, such as the Monroe County fishing brochure and I know that those in charge wouldn’t be very happy knowing they were directing prospective visitors to this type of juvenile banter. It’s a loss of credibility and a potential loss of advertising dollars to the site. I have spoken with the parties involved and as far as the LOC Derby is concerned this matter is settled. Any further questions should be directed to the office and lets keep the unnecessary and possibly damaging comments off this site.
  3. Nick, There is no daily winner in the summer LOC, the boat event was envisioned as giving the Summer LOC a "daily big fish" component. Not sure what you mean in combining it with the $1K event but if $575 per division couldn't fly, $1000 isn't remotely possible. Maybe adding a "Cash Bash" like the old ESLO would be the appropriate way to go. In the Summer LOC the daily price for entry is $15, not $25. Thanks
  4. For the 2011 derby season, we should have a discussion about what type of event would be attractive to the most people. The “progressive†type is safe from a promoter’s view because the payout rises when more people enter. The down side is until you get so many entries, the prize pool looks small. This can keep other people from entering and you run into getting to a certain point and it becomes stagnant. Collecting CC numbers and waiting to charge them at a certain date makes me uncomfortable because I know MYSELF I wouldn’t be willing to do that and asking others to do something I wouldn’t do isn’t right. The first thing that would have to decide is what type of event people would like to have. If it’s a winner take all derby it would probably be won in the late summer of the year, but a very large lake trout could take it early. The other type, monthly, weekly or daily would be more fair as far as the size of the fish to the time of year but this is the point where you can run into headaches and disappointed customers. After the demise of the $1000 a day derby, I talked at length with the owner. Personally I thought he had come up with a good concept, and it seemed to be well accepted by the fishing community. There were several times during June where no fish were caught that met the minimums for a week or so and the prize pool grew to multiple thousands of dollars. I think at those times it could prod people to get out and fish when maybe they wouldn’t have. Unfortunately, they ran out of monies to pay the winners and as a derby promoter I can only imagine the personal angst this caused, not to mention the bad will from the contestants. From my experience and Dave Henderson confirmed it to be true with his event, as the event goes along, registrations drop dramatically. So if it’s a daily, weekly or monthly event we would have to consider the prize structure based on pre-registrations and any registrations during the event a bonus and awarded accordingly. The next thing is price. Do we make it high or do we stick with a low regular LOC price? And if we keep it low how will it compete against the regular LOC events where you can win $12,500, $7,500 or $20,000 Grand Prizes for a $30 entry? (Plus all the other amounts) With the structure decided upon do you charge charter captains and the regular angler different fees? And not of little concern is with what is come up with can the current infrastructure, weigh stations etc be willing to participate? Do we really need/want another event or are the Lake Ontario fishermen and women “over Derbied�
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I received 107 responses (41 charter & 66 regular) via email and regular mail from people confirming that they would participate. When it came to pony up, almost 80% of the people never came through. If this were matter of just 'a few boats short" I WOULD have bitten the bullet, but that's far from the case. And two of the boats that actually signed up never sent in any kind of confirmation. My committment to "Go" was based on the commitments I received, that was the reason I did it that way. If I hadn't received the committments I wouldn't have said it was a go. I wrongly assumed that those who had committed to do it would, I was wrong. Sorry if I tarnished my creditability with anyone, but refunding the 18 boats entry fees was the only prudent thing to do. Part of the reason for the lack of response on the site is many on here who said they would participate never came through, so I doubt that it has anything to do with this being any kind of "mutual admiration society". With me people don't tend to lilly gild anything. Rest assured, this will NEVER happen again.
  6. Jim, Thanks for the heads up, it's been changed.
  7. The Captians Pass is $575, not $600. When I made adjustments previously I forgot to lower that price. Anyone who paid the $600 will be refunded the $25. Thanks.
  8. LOC Boat Derby Registration is now online! For those who would like detailed instructions. 1. Go to loc.org 2. Click on the link towards the top “Boat Derby Registration†3. Click on continue shopping 4. Click on the LOC Logo 5. Select “buy†next to the appropriate entry. (charter, non-charter) 6. Click on “checkout†7. Fill out the top part of the form down to and inclucing country. This should be your billing address for your credit card. The only other information you need to enter on that page is in the “Order comments and special requests†write your boat name in the box. Leave the delivery method to “webâ€. Click continue. 8. On this page, only fill out the top three boxes. CC number, expiration date and the three digit card verification code from the back of your card. 9. Press “Pay by credit cardâ€. Do this only once, it usually takes only 5-10 seconds before a receipt comes up, but can take as long as 30-60 seconds depending on the speed of your computer. 10. You can print this receipt and one will be emailed to you. We will mail you a registration card to show to the weigh station when you weigh in a fish. Any problems please call the office at 888-733-5246 Thanks.
  9. Henchen's, Woodys, Fat Nancy's, All Season's Sports, Flat Rock, Larry's in Oswego, and both Screwy Louies are also set up. Thanks
  10. Tim, To use a credit card, call the office at 585-545-4247 or toll free at 1-888-733-5246. Also if you want to register at the weigh-in stations they are set up, but you need to use cash or a check, made out to "LOC Derby". Also there is a thread about 10 places down, here is the link: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17373 Thanks
  11. OK guys and gals, lets see how it all pans out. If previous years summer weights hold true these should be pretty fair weights. Also Wilson, Slippery, The Boat Doctors, Captains Cove, Narby's and East Fork are all set up to sell the Boat tickets. I am going east tomorrow and will try and get that direction set up tomorrow. Should have them all done by the weekend. So sign up soon and sign up often. (Like voting in Chicago) We already have boats from four states entered, it should be fun. Thanks!
  12. Chad, Hope you get something you want on your birthday and be thankful you're not Bogey, he turns 60 this year!
  13. Brian, Just to be clear using the original weights that above example you gave would not longer hold true. The lake trout would win. I'm trying to make this as unconfusing as possible but due to the amount of calls and emails I'm receiving, I'm not doing a very good job. In my original post I was thinking about raising the minimums. Wrong idea, not doing it. The brown trout minimum is 10. The 15 lb 1 oz fish is over the minimum by 5 lbs, 1 oz. The Lake trout weight is 22 lbs 14 oz and the lake trout minimum is 15 lbs. That difference is 7 lbs 14 oz and the lake trout would win. This is different than the regular LOC and it's minimums because what we are trying to do is make all trout equal, establish a baseline if you will. A 10 lb brown equals a 13 lb steelhead equals a 15 lb lake trout. The winner is determined by the weight OVER these minimums. Hope this clears things up. The salmon division is easy, the biggest fish wins. Thanks
  14. 43.6 lb World record Rainbow Trout . Corrected, I was emailed the wrong location.
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