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  1. 1 minute ago, rolmops said:

    There are a few few states, I think Maine is one of them, where a bill of sale is enough proof of ownership. So you can register it in one of those states and then transfer that to New York. Another way to do it is with help/advise from a marina owner. They claim boats when the owner does not pay the slip fee and/or abandons the boat. Marina owners can sell those boats without problems by filling out some paper work.

    I Sold that damn boat lol!!

  2. I'm fishing at Empire blvd little park. Irondequoit Bay side. Treble hooks on spinner are fine? It's Irondequoit creek outlet but bay side. Fisherman tried to tell me different. I'm following Lake Ontario regulations which Iron. Bay should follow. 

    Perplexed in Pasadena

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  3. Went today and Tuesday in Irondequoit bay and got One bass. Fished the usual structure and old friendly spots. Are they going deep already? I thought they were late to the spawning beds this year. I did pretty well the last 3 weeks prior. Using wacky worm style, changing from purple to pearl jam color.

  4. Mostly drop shoting. Deep cranks and rattle traps. Fished saturday there caught 7 with 3 over 3#s

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  5. Never use live bait. Caught several the first time out. Only a handful the second. As far as bay sucking in sept. Have had plenty of luck late and into early october. Can find schooling fish and hammer em when you do. Both smallies and largemouth

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    hmmmm what you using ? Jigs?


    Fished there twice this year. Due to lack of established weeds I fished deep water. Found a lot of largemouths in 15-20 fow

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    You catch any? You use live Bait?

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