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  1. Sorry guys these were all sold awhile ago and didn’t realize the post hadn’t been deleted. The twist rods I sold to guy in Grand Rapids Michigan. And I seen recently he was looking for more.
  2. Wow I likely slide divers, good seller and equipment
  3. Brand new in package 60 flys 20 spin n glows $250 shipped
  4. No worth it for one, get a coupon code for FishUSA and buy a new one
  5. 1) Classic glt dd cp-dd-902m 3) chinook classic tournament twist 8.5’ dr rod line wt 8-20 3) Okuma classic pro glt copper/leadcore Cp-cL 862m 8’6” 12-27 1) Convector 3047 8’0” 10-20 Cgl-c-802m 2) convector 3034 cgl-tr-862m Roller guides for wire dipsy 1) talora tla-86m-2
  6. TopDawG

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    2)Convector 45d lc 4)Magda pro 30dx lc 2) classic pro cl 452 l classic pro cl 300l convector cv 30 l convector cv 30d lc with wire
  7. TopDawG

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    Okuma make offer convector
  8. Make offer ask questions. downrigger copper wire dipsy braid dipsy leadcore
  9. if you find a short shaft and it doesn't work out for you, let me know.
  10. its not about line capacity, 700's have more torque, better drag. if you fish more than a few weekends the 700's will pay for themselves in no time. but if you into only fishing 107mm divers and spoons and like catching 2-3lb fish 600's will work just fine.
  11. 6-11” paddles 2-8” paddles 4-200’ steel wire 2-300’ steel wire 3-mono line 11-flys 32-fuzzy bear spoons All new stuff PAYPAL F&F $300 shipped willing to split package in half
  12. TopDawG

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    Pick and choose and then will talk price
  13. Price doesn’t include shipping. paypal f&f Torpedo wire 300’ 25$ 200’ 18$
  14. Lot 1,2,3 $100 shipped Lot 4 $150 shipped PayPal f&f LOT 4 LOT 3 LOT 2 LOT 1
  15. TopDawG

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    130 entertaining offers
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