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  1. Misc. trolling stuff 3 #1 dipsys w/ring 1 30 jet 1 40 jet 2 black releases 2 klinchers all are brand new $50.00 $$5
  2. dipseys and more large dipseys, and 2 jets one 30 and one 40 plus 2 Black releases 50.00 plus shipping. These are all new.
  3. icebandit

    fish hawk TD

    In Pittsburgh pa where are you
  4. Fish Hawk TD 75.00 plus shipping
  5. How old is it? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. 2 Big John rod holders $60.00 for both + shipping Sold pending payment
  7. I will take the planer boards. Canyou ship? Thanks Ed
  8. Where are you located? You can call 412-784-9393 very interested Ed Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. interested in lot #8, but would need to be shipped. Please let me know, I am in PA. Thanks Ed 412-784-9393
  10. I am interested in your fish hawk td. Left a message on your phone please call back. Thanks Ed
  11. what is the baitfishn tourney?
  12. icebandit


  13. still waiting for pictures from last post?
  14. How much on planer board mast?