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  1. Caught a Rainbow this morning. Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk
  2. thanks to all for the congrats and well wishes. you had it right Sk8man, lots of travel, but not to the launch. been gone for about two weeks. first to Akwesasne Mohawk Casino for four days. then to Framingham, Mass. for several days. now home. AND THE WIFE IS STAYING IN FRAMINGHAM FOR TWO WEEKS!!! now for some serious fishing. thanks again to all and good fishing everyone.
  3. After 50 years, as of today I am retired. More fishing, hunting, and trapping. Maybe get the hang of catching those salmon (only caught 2). Wonder if I should tell the wife?
  4. You can catch bait at the foot of Ontario street and legally use them in Dunkirk as long as you travel within the corridor boundary.
  5. This is not entirely true. A few years ago the DEC came up with "overland transportation corridors". Three in fact. "Personally collected baitfish taken from a body of water within an overland transportation corridor may be transported within that corridor". NO receipt required. See baitfish regs for maps of the corridors.
  6. sounds like a good deal. 100 bucks, dinner and first hand experience. may give it a try. thanks YT.
  7. What does an observer observe? What would be the responsibilities?
  8. I also do this with worm harnesses. I use upholstery tacks, the ones with the big heads, instead of tooth-picks.
  9. I think You could keep some pike to eat (besides the walleye) as there are not that many (as a whole) that target pike much less eat them. good luck.
  10. You are right, its fixing to be a goodern for sure.
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