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  1. You can launch your boat in Whitby or in Bowmanville. Whitby is the better choice. Fish are staging right now . Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Finally some open water we can drift after a long, cold and brutal winter.
  3. All the rivers had a good run east of TO but pick one and enjoy but remember most of them are only open south of Hyw 2.
  4. My son and I started at Bluffers and went east for a couple of hours. We finally pulled them up and drove to Frenchman bay where we marked plenty laying on the bottom but only managed 1 for 2 hits. The interesting part of this story is the 20 pounder we pulled out was dark as though he'd been staging for weeks in the shallows. Good luck tomorrow let me know how you made out Reef-Runner.
  5. The launch is on the east side of the river mouth, spin doctors and flies will do the job.
  6. Thanks for the replies. We won't be fishing the gap again. Good fishing.
  7. I wanted to share this information with anyone who fishes the gap between the TO island and the spit. Our cannon balls snagged something in 120 ft of water down 100. Lost 1 ball and managed to loosen the other up and get it back. The odd thing was we lost the ball that was down 80 ft. This was just outside the white marker. What a way to end a slow day fishing.
  8. Started in 80 at 42 to 52 degrees, ended up in 180 at same temp, 2 Shakers to show for 7 hours.lots of bait but not hooks.
  9. Sept 1-12 Started at sun up in tight 35 to 40 ft. Ran plugs, spoons, dodger & fly combos and cut baits but no takers. Run out to 100 ft same thing. Fished til 12:30 and witnessed only 1 taken in 30 ft. My son Nikko says its the full moon and the fish feed all night. He may be right, the fish started coming of the bottom and chasing baits around the time we left. Reef-Runner [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
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