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  1. Keep the updates coming, i just purchased a 1989 220V Islander, great condition just going to clean the interior over the winter, need some ideas!
  2. Not a bad day i must say! Congrats and thanks for the post
  3. First time out fishing this year on Saturday, had a bit of a late start. Rods were in by 730am. Headed to the bar, surface temp from 45-49F. Fished the drop, went 6 for 7 all lakers. Dipsey rod with spinny and meat took all the fish hahaha. Had one knock off on a downrigger. Biggest laker was around 18lbs, and man did he ever fight. Beautiful day on the water and glad to be back on LAKE O!
  4. Pretty much telling me that browns are likely to hit almost anything if presented to them correctly hahaha
  5. Theres a few videos on youtube of the Americans spring brown fishing which will give you some good tips. Spring is great in close to shore and trolling around the mud lines produced by the creeks and rivers in the area. Look for warm water...
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcLoPNM2z_w
  7. All depends underwater currents and what the fish want. 2.0-3.4 is generally a good speed for salmon depending on type of bait you are using. Cut bait you would want a slower presentation i find but later in the year fish are more aggressive so higher speeds with a flasher fly tend to work good so i think you should be alright. If you want a slower speed the cheapest bet would just to throw a drift sock out to slow you down but like you said its not the greatest having that at the back of the boat as things can get messy...
  8. Went out of ashbridges bay yesterday and trolled east. Went 18/22, mostly shakers!! Got a few small coho and two 2nd year kings. Nothing with any size though, i threw the whole arsenal out and couldnt get any big boys.. the ones we did catch were all on spoons, dipseys and 10 colour core took most of the fish.. FF and meat took nothing.. beauty day to be out on the water though, lake was glass all day..
  9. Hell of a story and a nice fish! Congrats Sk8man LONG LIVE THE KING
  10. Wow! Thats a tough couple days out there. Good thing the weather cooperated at least. Good luck. Tight lines
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