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  1. I mounted my swivel bases as close to the transom as possible. Had to leave enough room on the starboard side for the nav light though. I never stand on the deck when setting them. That would be like trying to tie your shoes without bending your knees. Kneel on the casting deck to set them and you'll be fine. If you mount them in the cockpit area, you'll run out of room when you add rod holders.
  2. Used my new Chamberlain releases on Saturday and they are pretty slick. Very happy with them. Thanks for the recommendation. [ Post made via Android ]
  3. When you guys talk about running speed, are you referring to gps speed or downrigger ball speed using a probe? [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Thanks for the tip Capt. Rich. I just watched Chamberlain's YouTube video. I will pick up a couple releases this week.
  5. I didnt do any better yesterday either. Went 1 for 3 and the last 2 fish didn't hit until I was about to quit at 3:30.
  6. Yes they are. The plans call for new concrete adbutments and I think it was a 20' ramp section with handrails and a 20' dock at the end. The new docks will not extend past the sheet piling like they do now. The new docks won't be long enough to stack 2 boats on the loading lanes. It is going to take longer to get out of the water. [ Post made via Android ]
  7. I plan on launching out of Sampson tomorrow morning. From the reports I've read, it sounds like the weeds are more concentrated on the east side. What will the south wind they are predicting do to the position of the weeds? Any input would be appreciated. Driving 2+ hours to dodge weeds all day takes the fun out of it. Thanks!
  8. I noticed the sign on the attendant's booth a few weeks ago indicating the closure. Something must have changed from when I read the bid documents. I read the ramp must remain open to the public during construction. I have mixed feelings about the proposed plan. They are replacing the long wooden docks with 20' floating aluminum docks and adding a dock on the north and south side. The new docks on the north and south sides will make it easier to utilize those parts of the launch and should reduce congestion. I am not thrilled about 20' floating docks though. I find floating docks are more difficult to tie onto when I am coming back in by myself. I would think they will make it more difficult for the larger boats too.
  9. I fish the finger lakes and started using Black's releases this year. I constantly find myself adjusting the release tension. Too much tension and we unknowingly end up dragging fish around the lake. Too little tension and they release when setting or change in speed. I use a spring scale to set them and try to keep them at 3.5#. I now check the tension each time I set them because the tension seems to change throughout the day. How do you guys set the tension on the releases? What weight tension setting do you use? Do you have any issues with the tension loosening up with use? Is there a way to keep the tension set so it doesn't creep? Thanks
  10. That site looks decent. I will add it to my list of weather links. I have been relying on the NOAA site. I found the hourly weather graph pretty useful. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.ph ... =graphical
  11. Thanks Stoutner. That will help me out when trying to determine if I should make the drive out.
  12. Thanks Scottsman, but I am searching for something that would indicate current and forecast wave height.
  13. Does anyone have a link to a boating forecast or weather station for Seneca? I searched NOAA, but couldn't find a marine forecast, just the typical weather info. I live near Buffalo and would hate to make the drive to find out it is too rough to fish. I assumed there would be a weather buoy or station on the lake given the Navy has a facility on the lake, but I can't find anything on the web. Anyone have a link? Thanks.
  14. Fished Seneca for the first time on Saturday. Launched from the State Park at 8:00 and trolled the east side to around Indian Creek. We concentrated in the 150-200 FOW range with one DR at 65' and the other at 40' with spoons and sliders. Two dipseys with F&F one 225' and 185'. First dipsey got hit in 15 minutes and it was a real nice laker that shook off as we were getting the net ready. After that it was action packed until lunchtime. We boated 7 LL and 2 RT and lost several other fish. Most of the fish took the spoons on the DRs. Pulled the lines out at 4:15 and headed back home. Not much action trolling north and we were tired of dealing with the weed pods. We found a room to stay the night and tried our luck again on Sunday. This time we started on the west side heading south...same program as Saturday. Caught 2 LL within an hour and the wind picked and the lake hot a little rough for our 17'. The weeds and waves were making things difficult so we called it a day at 10:30. Is there any way to predict were the weed pods will be concentrated before heading out? We had a great time on Seneca and plan to fish there more often. We usually fish Canandaigua, but are growing tired of the traffic. Can't wait to try our luck next weekend.
  15. I am researching my options preparing for the purchase of my next boat. I currently have a 17' aluminum dual console that I troll the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. I also have it set up for bass and pike fishing. I am looking to upgrade to a 21'-23' fiberglass boat within the next year. I assumed the right setup was a walkaround and never gave CC's much thought. Western New York doesn't have a very long boating season and we spend a lot of time fishing inclement weather in Spring and Fall. WA's offer a lot of protection from the weather with the console, top, and curtains. They also appear to have much more room than a CC in the cockpit for fishing. CC's have recently caught my eye, but I've never fished on one. Can I have some help from you guys as to what the pros and cons are for each style? Thanks for your help.
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