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  1. Same for me, used to be turkey fanatic but just got out of it. Love my spring panfishing. After a 12 year absence went out this year & had success on the 5th day, 2 days after eye surgery. Blurry vision but made a good shot. This 71 year old geezer was pretty excited.

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  2. Brother in law lives in Ithaca and would like to get into fishing. Figured I’d start him out with perch. I know there are traditional hot spots where people congregate. I was wondering if there are locations where you could just work the shoreline with electric trolling motor using a jig & a bobber. Seems to me a year or so ago there was a few posts regarding this subject. Maybe that was a post spawn thing. Thanks for any tips.

  3. Wis & Minn are light years head of most states when it comes to panfish management, specifically bluegills. In-Fisherman has had some great articles on the subject. Their research has proven that fishing pressure, specifically removal of the large parental males, results in stunting & overpopulation. Common opinion is that stunting & overpopulation results from not removing enough fish. Wrong. Both states have for several years had restricted bag limits on select lakes, with either a 5 or 10 fish limit. The results have been positive, with average significant size increases. As a panfish fanatic, I am fully supportive of this proposal. But, like others have mentioned, what about perch?





  4. From DEC’s Resident Population Canada Goose Management Plan (2011):

    The first resident geese were birds released by private individuals in the early 1900s. When use of live decoys for hunting was prohibited in 1935, captive flocks of domesticated or semi-domesticated geese were numerous (estimated at more than 15,000 birds), and many were liberated in parks or allowed to wander at large (Dill and Lee 1970). From the 1950s through the 1980s, wildlife agencies in many AF states were actively involved in relocation and stocking programs to establish resident goose populations, primarily in rural areas. Nuisance flocks in urban/suburban conflict areas were a primary source of birds for these programs, which were highly successful and were mostly discontinued by 1990.
    Populations of resident Canada geese have increased dramatically in recent years across North America (Ankney 1996, Nelson and Outing 1998). The dramatic growth and importance of the AFRP was not fully recognized until recently. The first management plan for these birds was developed in 1989, when it became apparent that they were contributing significantly to sport harvests, and human/goose conflicts were becoming more common, especially in urban/suburban areas. In the 1980s, biologists also became concerned that increasing numbers of AFRP geese might be masking a decline in the number of migratory Atlantic Population (AP) Canada geese as measured by the Midwinter Waterfowl Survey. Banding studies have confirmed that resident geese are not AP geese that simply stopped migrating north to breed; they are distinct populations with very different population growth rates, management needs and opportunities.

  5. Here’s what I’ve been told about Canada’s liberal seasons. They only take a small fraction of the total harvest, in comparison to the US. And, the birds nest in their country, so they have a right to liberal bag limits. Sounds like just convenient excuses to me. If the AP goose population is in such a critical condition seems like should do their part to limit harvest.

  6. Thejigger.....you hit the nail on the head. Maryland has been crying & complaining about the 1 bird limit, saying if they have to suffer, all states in the flyway must suffer. Even though pretty much all they shoot are migrators while NYS & PA shoot mostly resident birds, even during regular season. So, I don’t know the details of the decision making process, it was agreed that all states will go to 1 bird limit. The only exception is south central & south western NY which has a liberal season because supposedly the AP birds don’t migrate thru that area. Makes no sense to me. Back in early 90’s season was totally closed for 3-4 years because the AP population was so low. After that, went to 1 bird, then 2, then 3.

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  7. I’d vote for that. One other comment. I fish all over for bluegills, including southern Ontario which has some great panfish lakes. I only keep enough for a meal, releasing all the big ones & keeping around 8 of mid-size. One of the best lakes in the state for quality in my opinion is the only one with a restricted sunfish limit, 15 per day. Coincidence? I think not.

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