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  1. You want something awesome to eat? Corn them. You can't tell the difference between corned beef and corned goose breasts. Just had a ruben sandwich using corned goose breast yesterday. As my hunting buddy says, "to die for."

  2. Bringley,

    Thanks for the invitation. While I would like to shoot a redhead, I will take anything out of a layout. Scoters, longtails and goldeneyes would be great. Have a friend who lives in Sodus Bay so if you hunt there I would have a place to stay. Also, I'm willing to drive out your way as I have a relative near Oak Orchard and one in Depew I can stay with. Not quite sure how to PM you. Went to your profile and didn't see an email address.

  3. I've been a puddle duck hunter all my life (yeah, I'm old, but it good shape) and tried hunting seaducks in Chesapeake Bay out of a layout boat a few years ago. Absolutely loved it. Now I know why guys love their diver hunting. Anyway, I built a layout boat last year (see photo), which given my limited woodworking abilities I am pretty proud of. I have 4 doz. bluebills, a couple doz. goldeneyes and a half doz. buffies.

    I live north of Utica where there isn't much for diver duck opportunities. So, if any of you have a good area to hunt, like the Finger Lakes (brother-in-law lives near Ithaca), Lake Ontario (cousin lives near Oak Orchard), etc., I'm retired and willing to travel. Would love to shoot some redheads, which I've never done before. You'll get first dibs out of the boat. I also have a 16' deep V as a tender if I need to bring it. Thanks for any consideration. Oh, and if you are willing to travel and would like a nice goose shoot this fall I can provide that.



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