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  1. Alot of good advise posted. Down speed is very important and can vary quite a bit from surface speed. If you are not running a probe to give your down speed, your cable angle is an excellent reference also. I run the Fishhawk but my cable angles reflect the information on the display as well. Often I will be trolling near other boats and can see we are trolling at nearly the same speed, sometimes for miles, that indicates we are doing something right (or wrong if you are not catching fish) don't hesitate to break off from the pack and run your own program. I have been using P-Line flouro 15lb for leaders with no problems. If I am marking alot fish at a certain depth I will generally try to run one rigger above them by 10 to 20 feet, often I can see the fish coming up to the tackle on the sonar. Cheaters are worth the aggravation, they produce fish. Keep trying different things and when your rods go off remember what you were doing and then develop a pattern to catch more.
  2. Sounds like a great morning, congrats. We got a late start out of Myers 9:00 headed north, marked plenty of fish few takers though on spoons. Crazy **** SD w/C/B Atomic fly 85' down did put a decent LL and Laker in the boat late morning over deep water. Ran up to Busy Bee's for lunch then back to Meyers, definitely burned some gas yesterday. Got pretty darn hot out there with no breeze too.
  3. No fleas on 30 lb pink Ande, did pick up some on the wire dipsey rods but not enough to be a problem. Didn't mention this but none of the fish had any evidence of lampreys.
  4. Holly and I launched at Meyers 7 a.m. and ran South to set-up two downriggers 65 and 75 feet with cheaters/sliders and two wire dipseys to troll North. Cheaters were the first to go off at 30 to 40 feet, green was the only color getting hits. Switched to all green or blue/green, consistent action from cheaters only initially. Started marking fish around 100 ft, dropped to 85 and 95 ft. Dipseys were not producing, pulled them. Around 9 a.m. or so fish were hitting off the balls and no more cheater action. Several times could see the fish rise up to the spoons on the sonar. Down speed 2.2 - 2.9 on the Fishhawk was the sweet spot. Wasn't expecting the action, probably released a dozen more fish today with a handful on knock-offs also. Today was my first time running Chamberlain magnetic releases, throwing the others away, they work great. Oh, and many thanks to Holly for spending a whole day and a half getting the boat cleaner than its ever been.
  5. Another thanks for Ray, good trip, tough conditions and great results. Like always, experience is the most valuable asset going. It was a pleasure to be on your boat, learned alot from you and will remember it for a lifetime. Thanks again, Steve [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. To register for the marine registry you can also call 1 800 NYDECALS or 1 866 933 2257. I am not sure what you would provide for proof untill you recieve the license in the mail, takes approx two weeks per the website. On the website you have to have your ID # which is next to the bar code on your hunting/fishing license and your driver license #. On the website it says you have to have used the decals system before, a long as you have your fish/hunting license id# you can register or buy new licenses. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. Ray, Looking foward to this trip, been talking about doing this for years. Appreciate the offer, can't wait to pick your brain. You will have a good crew on board, buckboard and I have been fishing together for 20 or so years and work well together. Should be a great trip. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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