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  1. My concern is .... if this chemical can affect small roadside streams, then how about the same runoff from roadside traffic all around our local lakes and streams? Combine this with the runoff of "nutrients" spread by farmers and all the rest of the toxic substances entering those same lakes & streams. Are any departments currently testing for this chemical buildup?


  2. 7 hours ago, Sk8man said:

    When the fleas are really bad and are suspended throughout the water column even 150 lb rigger wire is not immune to them. A,lot of time they seem to be "patchy" in the water column and i think that is why some folks have better luck avoiding  than others in spots in the lakes. When they are reaally bad even the riggers get clogged especially with the fishhook type fleas which seem harder to remove from anything no matter what the diameter.

    Where is that American ingenuity ... we can land on the moon .... surely someone (smarter than me) can come up with a device that attaches to a rod and also a downrigger to remove those pesky devils.

  3. Are you using downriggers to get to the depths indicated? If so how far behind the weight and how fast were you trolling ? I remember your granddad telling me it used to see rainbows as close as in the wake of the boat.


  4. I know for a fact that Seneca Perch are sold out of the refrigerator of long time "Perch Bandit/s" almost year round. Same mentality takes all they can kill White Tails, Geese, Ducks ... you name it. They could't give a crap about the health of the lake or other people's potential future harvest. 

    Another good post Sk8man!

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