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  1. How about I install torpedo tubes on each side of my yak and depth charges to finish him off!It will give the Border Patrol guys something to do!
  2. Thanks!I do my best to respect others in what ever they do.I give plenty of space whether you are fishing from shore or boat.I just don't like disrespect.These kind of actions make me appreciate the Adirondacks even more.No one around to bother me while I'm fishing and camping!
  3. Yes I have a florescent orange flag with a beacon attached to the top.I made this one buy you can buy one for 65.00.It is called a visi pole.If you google it you will be able to view it.
  4. I was out of I-Bay today in my kayak drift trolling.There were no boats around until a large one trolling planer boards came up behind me.I was in 5' of water.As I started to paddle the captain got sarcastic with me stating I was in his way.He was upset because he had to pull in his equipment.My message to him is that I have a manual powered vessel and I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!He could have turned his garbage skow in a different direction to avoid the situation.This captain needs to learn the proper ettiquette or gey off the water!
  5. I have a Wilderness Systems Pungo 140.I mostly use it for remote trips into the Adirondacks for brook trout.Locally I fish on Ontario,Canadice and Hemlock lakes.If you want to stay dry then a sit-in is better.Sit on tops are better for casting as they allow more freedom of movement.If you would like to get ideas,the WNYKFA is having their season opener at the Bay Creek Marina on Empire Blvd. on Saturday,March 31 at 9 AM.The guys are all great and will answer all your questions.Some have SOT and SI.Anyone can join free of charge at Fishgator.com.
  6. dolhins-5 SB-3 back to back-won 2 back to back! bills-4 back to back-wins-0?1 comeback game due to no houston RB!
  7. Anybody know if there is open water in Woodville?
  8. Name: Terry Location:Farmington,NY Home Port: Boat Name/Type:WildernessSystems Pungo 140 kayak I fish for:Trout ================== Thanks for the welcome.Your site is very informative and the members are generous in helping each other.I locally fish Hemlock and Canadice lakes.I really enjoy wilderness tripping and fishing in the Adirondacks. (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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