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  1. hey gentlemen. ive been reading quite a bit about success with trolling streamer flies for landlocks. i have a bunch of streamers i bought a few years ago at a garage sale that i have never used and am gonna give a try when i finally get to do my 2012 shakedown. i was wondering how exactly are they trolled. of riggers with a flasher? off the planer boards? dipseys? im assuming they do best in the shallows off planers but what is the most popular method to get them to sink off the boards as i imagine they would just rip across the very top if no weight is in front of them? as always gentlemen thanks for any reply. i learn a whole lot on this forum. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. sounds like you have a small nick in the coated rigger cable in the range above the sub troll because of the intermittent operation right before pulling it out of the water. inspect carefully as a fray in the wire will cause a short [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. could someone please post me a link to the cayuga may 18th through 20th annual trout derby andx the seneca lake national laker derby. i wanna participate but cant find any infi. thanks [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. What kind of attractors do ya run spin n glows behind? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. thanks for the reply lakebound. what is ur target temp for the silver fish? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. hey everyone. i have a question as to what trolling speeds and setups the silver fish on cayuga prefer. croc spoons sticks michigan stingers? i usually troll at 2 and a quarter mph with spin docs and flies and do well for lakers but dont catch silver fish too often. do they frequently get caught on spinnies and flies for that matter? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. could somebody enlighten me on what a peanut is. i use ff mostly for lakers and would like to increase my silverfish catch. what are some good tried and true color patterns for spoons. and also what speed should spoons be trolled. i troll around 2 abd a quarter mph and kill em with ff combos but never get a hit on my spoons. thx gentlemen [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. thanks for your replies gentlemen, i appreciate fisherman that are willing to give pointers.
  9. I'm plannin on putting more effort towards flasher/fly combos this year on cayuga for lakers, I just started trolling last year and mainly used inline cowbells with spoons/stickbaits and didn't do too well. I was wondering, Whats the preferred trolling speed to use spindoctors. Are the 8" size the ticket or do the lakers prefer them smaller? Also what temperature do those elusive bastards usually prefer? Thanks guys
  10. Hows the trout scene goin in the tribs? Anybody been hitting them. Salmon Creek, Fall Creek so on..... anything nice being pulled up?
  11. hey what ball speed to you guys troll those flasher and flys at to get those lakers? i just started trolling avidly this season and have caught a few of them a (2 were 9 pounders) in the dog days of summer on cowbells and rainbow colored rapalas but i believe they were just flukes. I haven't figured out a good ball speed yet. Also what temps do you guys like to fish for lakers at? 44-48 deg? thanks guys, sorry if i'm posting these questions in the wrong section figure i will ask while the topic is at hand.
  12. hi all, heading out to mexico point next weekend, new at trolling for salmon what temperature/depth do the salmon suspend at this time of year? over how many feet of water? whats the best presentation? thanks
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