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  1. thanks again. and they seem to be working if you are catching fish on them. so good job and keep up the good work.
  2. sounds like my girlfriend. she is 5' 1" and is AS crazy about fishing as i am. thats all we do with our free time. so HOLD ON TO HER! hard to find..... Good luck with everything. ps. we go fishing EVERY FREE SECOND WE HAVE, but we never catch anything, lol. so hopefully you do better than me. any tips or comments are welcome on how to catch something!!
  3. how are you making these? they look amazing!
  4. i was just reading this, this morning, congrat's on the wedding coming up AND the muskie's! also, those are great looking lures. if i may just ask, where did you guys go fishing?
  5. thanks for the info. appreciate it. does anyone on here know where to get good sized pike minnows? all i can find is a little bigger than a bass minnow. and i usually dont have any luck with them.
  6. nope, that was great. explained it very well. thank you. i do have a few questions though. where do you get BIG pike minnows? and i guess, (not to cheat) how do you catch pike? i mean i get a few here and there, but nothing of a good size and not consistantly. it sucks and im getting frustrated. i dont even know where to go other than black creek in churville and braddocks bay, (which also produced absolutely nothing excpet ONE 11" pike). very depressing...... so if you got any idea on where and what to use, feel free to let me in n the secret. Thanks alot.
  7. could NOT be any better! thanks. it worked great!
  8. well thanks for that. i have yet to get out to that dam you were talking about but im very excited to. should be heading there this weekend, got side tracked with 2 full days of EMPTY salmon fishing so not worth the trade, but wanted to try it. but i will be heading to that dam north of medina you were talking about. so if you got any last minute ideas or pointers, let me know. thanks for all your help.
  9. i am using a slip bobber to pike fish, but curious about the rig of hooks and weights (how to) at the end of it..... splitshot, egg sinker, anything like that? going in about an hour, any help would be great!! thanks.
  10. can anyone explain how exactly to rig a slip bobber? someone told me to try a slip bobber with my stops at 15 feet. what does that mean and how do you do it? thanks.
  11. That was definitely what i was looking for. That is AWESOME!! thanks a ton, if i may just ask one more thing, the first place you mentioned, in medina......"Glenwood lake, north of Medina on the Erie canal. Access is Nymo rd. of of N. Gravel rd. (county rt 63). Park and walk down to the dam."..... this may sound dumb, but, where exactly do i fish? does it create like a pool? before the dam or after, you know what i mean? and this may also sound dumb but how exactly do you rig a slip bobber? i usually just put a hook on the end of the line with a regular bobber up a ways, it does ok but i never can find the big ones. i know it has to do with resistance so i am interested to know how to do it. I actually might be going there after work today at 4 o'clock cuz im excited as hell now, so if you have anymore info or advice on this location/ what to use, HOW TO CATCH A FISH THERE!!!!! let me know asap. THANKS!! Greatly appreciated and it sounds like you know your stuff. p.s. Do you know anywhere with directions to, where to get BIG minnows? all i can find around here is like 3 or MAYBE 4" shiners and they dont do very well. thanks.
  12. nice.... And i went last night from 730 to 1130 and not even a bite. i had 2 poles on each side (river and lake) and casting cleos all night on both sides. a couple guys got them closer to the shore on the lake side later on around 11, but me and my buddies didnt get even a bite.
  13. thanks for all the tips. i just dont know what a chatterbait is. i got a whole huge tackle box full of stuff but i never heard of that.
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