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  1. What do you guys think about a 19' Starcraft islander with 90hp outboard being able to handle the lake in flat to moderate conditions? Thanks for your input [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. everyone said it. you have a really nice boat there at a fair price. i am looking to buy one now and only wish i had enough to be in the ballpark with what you have to offer but with two mortgages and a car payment the banks wont even touch a loan therefore i am shopping the 4-6k range. best of luck selling. there are people out there that can do it, just not as abundant .
  3. will look to see if its still available early spring (around tax time). Nice looking boat...
  4. Any good spring fishing spots in or near the park? Thanks
  5. they must be out of the genny...
  6. Can anyone give me suggestions on what type of heat source (found aound the house) you use for the heat shrinking tube with the cortland slip-on leader loop? Thanks!!!!
  7. Thanks all for the info. Its funny you mention the Okuma Trio, that is exactly the reel (size 30) I was using. Just bought it using for the first time and glad to hear that its not a problem with the reel - that was my next thought. I dont know if the type of line they spooled it with was the issue - store did it for free and probably used the cheapest stuff. It was not over spooled. Maybe simply the cold water was the main issue. I have used cold water ice fishing line on another reel for the same type of fishing and have had no issues. I will try Seren based on your suggestions. Only concern I have with the reel is that the drag doesn't seem to be as smooth as I would expect from a $80 reel (on sale for $60). Maybe I bought a dud? Thanks again as I value everyones imput!
  8. Looking for any suggestions on high quality mono line for spin reel. Use 8lb test in cold water for steelhead. THe issue I have with the stuff on my reel now (not sure what brand)), is that is spills off and bird nests very easily. Getting frustrated. THanks
  9. Anyone have any suggestions on a rod holder that would mount on a dry wall ceiling. 4-6 rods but needs to hold 2 fly outfits. I have seen some but the design is not good for fly as well. Thanks
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