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  1. Thanks, While the salmon seaso is now closed here. Alot of the guys are still on the seabass. As for me the boat is put away and off to the duck club tomorrow to prep for the season. Nick
  2. Hit the bay last Sat. In search of Seabass ans Kings. Started the morning 4 miles north of Moss Landing looking for the big white seabass. Fallowed one of my buddies up to his honey hole and he was hooked up with a double of 40lb. class bass. On my first drift i had a take down but no stick. on the third drift one of my rods doubles over and the fish takes at least 80 yards before i can get it out of the holder. Once the rod was in hand all I could do was watch another 150 yards of drag go. Once worked close to the boat these fish sound and it is an up and down battle to get them up. Once the fish was up a quick swipe with the gaff and it was in the box. After another drift i ran 12 miles to the south in search of kings. Once on the salmon grounds the two of us were in the fish instantly. with no another boat in sight. around 3:30 we had three keepers in the box and had let go another 10 of so shakers. The wind had come up making it nearly impossible to keep a tack or correct speed. So we called it a salmon season. enjoy the pics. Nick
  3. Not too tough when using these.
  4. Thanks for looking guys. Will post up any results from this coming weekend. Nick
  5. Hey guys, havn't posted here in a while. So I though I would share some of the past months catch and stories with you. I have been fishing the bay pretty hard over the past month or so. For the most part the fishing has been on fire for me. These fish have been on the bottom in any where from 170-220ft. of water. Not everyone out here runs riggers. Alot of guys fish old school with 6/0 senators, 90lb. wire and a four pound weight. With two leaders this set up is a great meat rig but with the fourn pound regs for permanently attached weights its hard to hit bottom in that deep of water. Average surface speed on the GPS has been 2.2- 2.5 the slower speed really helps to keep the gear down in the mud. As far as lures go the number one producers have been the Silver Streak spoon in frozen seagull and a blue and white hoochie. here are some pics from the past month enjoy. Nick. By kokaneecommander at 2011-08-01 By kokaneecommander at 2011-08-11 Silver Streak Frozen Seagull second in from right By kokaneecommander at 2011-08-23 By kokaneecommander at 2011-08-23 By kokaneecommander at 2011-08-23
  6. if you run the lowrance unit go with the Airmar P-66 transducer. It is a huge upgrade from the stock one. It will run you about 120 bucks. Nick
  7. I have the LMS 525. Out Here all the rage with the lowrance units is the Airmar P-66 transducer. far superior to the stock one. It is my next boat upgrade. Nick
  8. I am on the west coast and I second that! Nick
  9. For me one very good king producer is the plastic squid or "hoochie" I run the 4" ones from goldstar. I know you guys love your flies. Do any of you use these? Nick
  10. Well Stan except for a few of us. Most freshwater guys out here just don't get it. They can't even put together using the same stuff in the fresh as they would in the salt. Same fish, No? Nick
  11. I am very familiar with the use of braided wire line in the sport and commercial salmon fishing out here on the west coast and the use of rollers. I was given two spools of the monel stainless single strand. Is the use of roller rods needed for this wire? thanks in advance, Nick
  12. As far as I have heard with the cordless remote. It is a little slower to react and I don't think there is the speed control. Nick
  13. I just had a TR-1 installed on my ride as well. I can now say I don't know how I fished with out it. I have never tried the reverse feature though. I do find my self using the step turn feature alot. The step turn feature can be the only way to go if the wind really picks up. Just using the remote to stear then if you need to get busy hit one button and it goes to auto pilot. Are any of you guys running the cordless remote? I heard they were OK at best. One of my friends that has run a TR-1 forever did recommend that i have a spare corded remote on the boat at all times. He says they do go out every now and then and you don't want to be dead in the water especially not a tourney day. Nick
  14. They called it a radar arch when I bought it. Planning on adding the radar to run the delta for stripers and the ocean for the kings.
  15. Well to start I always run 13lb. pancake weights on all four riggers. The side ones tuned to swim away from the boat. this allows me to run a short boom to allow for the dipsy rod to clear. In the late summer I will go up to 15lb., 17lb. or 20lb. balls on the back riggers I got off of my Dads commercial boat before he sold it. Nick
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